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Balloon tooltip does not follow slider all the way

See original GitHub issue

Avalonia : 0.10.15 MaterialAvalonia : 3.0.0-rc0.90-nightly

video showing behavior :


xaml :

        <Slider IsSnapToTickEnabled="True"
                    Classes="Discrete Ticks"

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7

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appleneko2001commented, Jul 4, 2022

Hi @Al-Dyachkov!

I have found a clue related with this issue on my AutoCorrectPositionConverter. The TransformedBounds provided a wrong bounds of clipping area and its able to fix, if I know the other way to get bounds of window directly without a bunch objects. The fix will be applied on 3.0.0 release PR (or even in dev-branch) lately and I will tag this issue as fixed in 3.0 release.

Thanks for reporting issue!

appleneko2001commented, Jul 4, 2022

Happy to hear that, but I do recommend you keep this issue as open until the newer version is published in next time. I will mark this issue as solved in dev-branch btw

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