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Custom dialog view not binding to vm

See original GitHub issue


I am using version

So i have a custom view inheriteted from reactiveusercontrol with a textbox text value bound to Name

i have a viewmodel inherited from viewmodelbase with [Reactive] public string Name { get; set; } (I have foddy installed too)

and i create a new custom dialog like so:

NewObsConnectionViewModel vm = new NewObsConnectionViewModel();
            Window? window = LifetimeHelper.GetMainLifetime().MainWindow;
            DialogResult? result = awaitDialogHelper.CreateCustomDialog(new CustomDialogBuilderParams
                Borderless = true,
                ContentHeader = "test",
                Content = vm,
                DialogButtons = new[]
                    new DialogResultButton { Content = "Add", Result = "ok" },
                    new DialogResultButton { Content = "Cancel", Result = "cancel" }

even if i new up the usercontrol and set that to the content and the datacontext to the vm i get the same results.

The Dialog actually shows up with the controls etc it just seems that the datacontext isnt being applied?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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appleneko2001commented, Feb 15, 2022

Hi @sabuto ! Thanks for your contribution too🥳 That news was important for me.

Later we will release 3.0. There will have a API breaks on Theming feature and Dialogs. Styles will be changed by following standard of authoring controls (add root border (used for BorderBrush and BorderThickness property, with element name) and panel (allows more elements on root border, with element name) and etc.)

sabutocommented, Feb 14, 2022

that works for me, awesome thanks

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