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(apigateway): RestApi not redeploying correctly

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When I change a resource path in a RestApi the old path is not removed from the api stage. The deploy option of RestApi should update the stage when a change occur in the api.

Reproduction Steps

The initial stack:

    const api: RestApi = new RestApi(this, 'rest-api', {
        deploy: true,
        deployOptions: {
            stageName: 'test-stage'

    const myResource:IResource = api.root.addResource("myResource", {})

        new Integration({

The deployed resources: image The stage: image

If I change the path of the resource: const myResource:IResource = api.root.addResource("myResourceChanged", {}) and redeploy the stack

What did you expect to happen?

The expect deployed resources: image The expect stage: image

What actually happened?

The new deployed resources: image The new stage: image

If I manually redeploy the stage from the console, the /myResource is removed from the stage.


  • **CDK CLI Version :1.103.0 (build bc13a66)
  • Framework Version:
  • **Node.js Version:v14.13.1
  • **OS :Windows 10
  • **Language (Version):TypeScript(3.9.7)


This is 🐛 Bug Report

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  • State:open
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:9
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

adarsh-chauhancommented, Sep 22, 2022

any update on this?

nija-atcommented, May 24, 2021

Actually, the problem is a little more tricky than I originally thought.

In order to cause little or no disruption to running applications during stack updates, CloudFormation ensures that resources are first created and/or updated before any resources are deleted.

CDK automatically creates a default Stage and Deployment whenever a RestApi is created. To ensure that the Deployment is kept in sync with the Rest API definition, the CDK needs to trigger a re-deployment of the Deployment resource. The CDK achieves this by changing the logical id of the Deployment resource which triggers a replacement.

In effect, when a Resource is removed from a RestApi and another added, CloudFormation first creates the new Resource, then creates the new Deployment for the RestApi (that now contains both Resources), then deletes the old Deployment and finally deletes the old Resource. So finally, we end up with a Deployment resource that contains both Resources.

I can’t think of an easy way to solve this problem with just the CDK.

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