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(apigateway): support deployment salting for imported RestApi

See original GitHub issue

If the RestApi is define by RestApi.fromRestApiAttributes(), any deployment will not add salt to the deployment resource.

Reproduction Steps

This is my code.

const api = RestApi.fromRestApiAttributes(this, 'ImportedApi', {
      restApiId: XXX,
      rootResourceId: XXX,

    const allResources = api.root.addResource('cdk');

    allResources.addCorsPreflight({ allowOrigins: Cors.ALL_ORIGINS });

    const method = allResources.addMethod('PUT', ifn, {
      methodResponses: [
          statusCode: '200',
          responseParameters: {
            'method.response.header.Access-Control-Allow-Origin': true,
      authorizationType: AuthorizationType.IAM,

    // Handle deployment
    const deployment = new Deployment(this, '123_deployment', {
      api: RestApi.fromRestApiId(this, 'abc', apiCDKApiApiId),
    new Stage(this, 'CDKApiStageDev', { deployment, stageName: `${ENV}` });

“taotest123deploymentC642C343” is the resource name in the Cloudformation template.

What did you expect to happen?

add salt to the resource name

What actually happened?

no salt was added to the resource name


  • **CDK CLI Version :1.83
  • Framework Version:
  • Node.js Version:
  • **OS :MAC
  • **Language (Version):TypeScript


WORKAROUND: Just in case anyone ran into the same problem, you can force a deployment by manually adding salt to deployment id. in above example, 123_deployment is my deployment id, you can change the id 1234_deployment to force new deployment to deploy.

This is 🐛 Bug Report

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

nija-atcommented, Mar 22, 2021

Hi @tmclaugh - I’m keen to explore your statement here.

The addToLogicalId() method is the key to determine when a Deployment’s logical id should be modified. You can see all the uses of this method that tells the Deployment when it should be updated.

Let’s take the simple case where a RestApi is defined in one stack along with a number of Resources and Methods, and later imported into another stack using the RestApi.fromRestApiAttributes() where further Methods and Resources are defined. Unless deploy is unset, the first stack would create a Deployment construct set to latestDeployment. However, it would not be possible for this Deployment construct to know of the Methods and Resources in the second stack and therefore cannot correctly determine when its logical id should be mutated.

How do you propose your approach tackle this case?

Durgaprasad-Budhwanicommented, Nov 11, 2022

Hey Team,

I am using the below code which is working for me.

    const deployment = new Deployment(this, `deployment-${new Date().toISOString()}`, { api: apiGateway });

    // @ts-ignore
    deployment.resource.stageName = ENV!;

    const logicalId =;// salted id
    const cfnDeployment = deployment.node.defaultChild as CfnDeployment;

I am doing deployment two times to make it work. In the first deployment, it is creating resources and in the second deployment, it is updating stage.

This will be like

          npx aws-cdk synth
          npx aws-cdk deploy --require-approval never
          npx aws-cdk deploy --require-approval never       
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