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(aws-cdk): asset bundling skipped when using --exclusively option

See original GitHub issue

Asset bundling is currently broken when using the --exclusively option during deploy.

In our case we have an aws-lambda-nodejs with forceDockerBuild set to true (but it shouldn’t matter).

However, due to the following check the bundling never happens when e.g. running cdk deploy --exclusively 'MyStack' - as in it will skip the bundling step completely.

Concretely, this minimatch evaluates to false for any given stack name, except when using --all which evaluates to the wildcard * satisfying anything.

That is because Stack.of(this).stackName is not resolved at this point. The screenshot shows the output of running with --all (bundlingStacks contains [*]) against the unresolved stack name:


Tested on Linux and Windows and CDK 1.88.

This is 🐛 Bug Report

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

miekassucommented, Sep 27, 2021

I added more stacks and lambdas to the example repository. Some of my observations while debugging:

Produces not wanted Lambda asset path pointing to the root folder of the project:

 cdk diff -e Stage/Stack1

Targeting manifest in cdk.out/assembly folder produces right asset path when using -e tag. To update templates, I used synth commands, which then also bundles other lambdas in the other stacks during synth, this is unwanted and in large projects takes a lot of time.

 cdk synth && cdk -a cdk.out/assembly-Stage diff -e Stage/Stack1

Using -e tag with synth commands only bundles lambdas from wanted stack, but it also points lambda asset path to project root.

 cdk synth -e Stage/Stack1 && cdk -a cdk.out/assembly-Stage diff -e Stage/Stack1

This known issue is preventing the usage of new --hotswap feature with multi stack projects.

michaelfechercommented, Oct 12, 2021

Can confirm this bug still exists with the -e flag. I have a similar setup with multiple stacks. The entry for the NodeJsFunction is the default one, aka

- Derived from the name of the defining file and the construct's id.
If the `NodejsFunction` is defined in `stack.ts` with `my-handler` as id
(`new NodejsFunction(this, 'my-handler')`), the construct will look at ``
and ``.

My suspicion is, that the cdk deploy -e stackName internally has a wrong context and therefore adds the root of the project as the asset.

CDK version: 1.123.0

What’s the alternative/workaround?

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