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(aws-ecs): ELB TG can't connect to ECS EC2 instances ( healthcheck failed )

See original GitHub issue

ELB TG can’t connect to ECS EC2 instances ( healthcheck failed ) when use cluster.AsgCapacity over cluster.addCapacity .

Reproduction Steps

const.taskDefinition = new ecs.TaskDefinition(this, 'Backend', {
    family: 'someFamily',
    compatibility: ecs.Compatibility.EC2,
    networkMode: ecs.NetworkMode.BRIDGE,
taskDefinition.addContainer('backend', {
    image: ecs.ContainerImage.fromRegistry('hashicorp/http-echo'),
    memoryLimitMiB: 512,
    command: [
        '-text="hello world"'
    environment: {},
    portMappings: [
            containerPort: containerPort,
            protocol: ecs.Protocol.TCP,

const sg = new ec2.SecurityGroup(this, `SG${identifier}`, {
    vpc: this.cluster.vpc,

const autoScalingGroup = new autoscaling.AutoScalingGroup(this, `asg${identifier}`, {
    vpc: this.cluster.vpc,
    instanceType: new ec2.InstanceType(instanceType),
    machineImage: ecs.EcsOptimizedImage.amazonLinux2(),
    minCapacity: clusterMinCapacity,
    maxCapacity: clusterMaxCapacity,
    desiredCapacity: clusterDesiredCapacity,
    associatePublicIpAddress: true,
    cooldown: cdk.Duration.minutes(1),
    keyName: clusterKeyName,
    securityGroup: sg,

const asgProvider = new ecs.AsgCapacityProvider(this, `AsgProvider${identifier}`, {
    canContainersAccessInstanceRole: true,
    enableManagedScaling: false,
    enableManagedTerminationProtection: false,


What did you expect to happen?

I expect aws-ecs library automatically create security group with required inbound rules or have some method to allow connect ELB TG to EC2 instances

I expect method addAsgCapacityProvider add automatically access ELB TG to EC2 instances.

Normal SG created with cluster.addCapacity

What actually happened?

Actually EC2 instances create with only my security group inbound rules ( SSH ).

How I temporarily fixed this issue. I compared security group where create with cluster.addCapacity() and created SG with ASG provider.

This code fix trouble but I think this code must be default in aws-cdk.
Or I don’t understand from AWS CDK ECS last update and deprecation cluster.addCapacity

this.ecsPatternService.loadBalancer.connections.allowTo(sg, ec2.Port.tcpRange(32768, 65535), `allow ELB TG connect to EC2 ${instanceType}`);


  • CDK CLI Version : 1.104.0 (build 44d3383)
  • Framework Version : ^1.104.0
  • Node.js Version : v14.16.0
  • OS : Fedora release 33 (Thirty Three)
  • Language (Version) : TypeScript (3.8.3)

Issue Analytics

  • State:open
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:7
  • Comments:15 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Insidexacommented, May 24, 2021

@MrArnoldPalmer Sure, I will try to create my first PR to open source 😃

robbiecooray1commented, Jul 23, 2022

@rix0rrr still an issue, specifically when upgrading from CDK v1 to v2 where AddAutoScalingGroup is deprecated. Above workaround from @spg works.

With .AddAutoScalingGroup, the following rules are in place. With .AddAsgCapacityProvider, the following diff appears (i.e. the rules get dropped), making the service unavailable for requests.

Tested with cdk v2.33.0.

Group Dir Protocol Peer
- ${alb/SecurityGroup.GroupId} Out TCP 32768 - 65535 ${clusterSG.GroupId}
- ${clusterSG.GroupId} In TCP 32768 - 65535 ${alb/SecurityGroup.GroupId}
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