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[aws-events] "Rule" support input roleArn

See original GitHub issue

aws event L2 Rule support input exist roleArn.

Use Case

see can input roleArn you want . But L2 library Rule do not support input exist roleArn see

Proposed Solution

Wish Rule can add Properties like role to add exist role to Rule.

   const rule = new events.CfnRule(this, 'RdsExporterCfnRule', {
      description: 'Export snapshots from GP RDS to S3 at 2:30 am every day',
      name: 'exporter',
      scheduleExpression: 'cron(30 2 * * ? *)',
      roleArn: 'arn:aws:iam::012345678912:role/Exsit_Event_Role',

example for L2 Rule add role properties

    const rule = new events.Rule(this, 'RdsExporterRule', {
      description: 'Export snapshots from GP RDS to S3 at 2:30 am every day',
      ruleName: 'GP_exporter',
      schedule: events.Schedule.expression('cron(30 2 * * ? *)'),
      role: Exsit_Event_Role,


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  • ⚠️ This feature might incur a breaking change

This is a 🚀 Feature Request

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wulfmanncommented, Nov 12, 2020

You can also set the role arn on the actual events.Target.

In the meantime you can override the rule’s rolearn with:

const role = new iam.Role(this, `Role`, {
    assumedBy: new iam.ServicePrincipal('')
const rule = new events.Rule(this, ``, {
const cfnRule = rule.node.defaultChild as events.CfnRule;
cfnRule.addPropertyOverride('RoleArn', role.roleArn)
github-actions[bot]commented, Nov 30, 2020


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