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(aws-iot): CfnProvisioningTemplate Template with name already exists

See original GitHub issue

What is the problem?

npm package version : 1.132.0 & 1.135.0 (tried with these two)

when creating a iot Provisioning Template using cdk, the following error is thrown:

Template with name provisioningtemplate_JAoF84L77Jaf already exists (Service: Iot, Status Code: 409, Request ID: 60a18fc4-8778-4f73-b5d2-9589e37f3d43, Extended Request ID: null)` 

N.B. it does not matter if we provide a template name or let cdk choose a name as seen above N.B. the stack is being newly created and so there is NO provisioning template existing whatsoever

Reproduction Steps

use similar code as:

import * as iam from '@aws-cdk/aws-iam';
import * as iot from '@aws-cdk/aws-iot';

    const provisioningRole = new iam.Role(this, 'provisioning-role-arn', {
      assumedBy       : new iam.ServicePrincipal(''),
      description     : 'Role assumed by provisioning template to bulk provision devices by claim',
      roleName        : `ProvisioningByClaimRole`,
      managedPolicies : [iam.ManagedPolicy.fromAwsManagedPolicyName('service-role/AWSIoTThingsRegistration')],

    const provisioningTemplate = new iot.CfnProvisioningTemplate(this, 'provisioning-template', {
      provisioningRoleArn : provisioningRole.roleArn,
      templateBody        : JSON.stringify(provisioningTemplateBody),
      description         : 'provision by claim template for guard devices that use certificates for authentication',
      enabled             : false,
      preProvisioningHook : {
        targetArn      : preProvisioningHookLambda.functionArn,
        payloadVersion : '2020-04-01',

can ignore the preprovisioning hook lambda and template if needed

What did you expect to happen?

since the current stack is the one initiating the creation of the provisioning template, then it should create the template resource without error

What actually happened?

the stack ACTUALLY creates the iot provisioning template resource completely but then throws the name conflict error and fails. Meaning after the stack completes the rollback, there is the new provisioning templete resource in iot.

CDK CLI Version


Framework Version

No response

Node.js Version



macOS Big Sur 11.6.1



Language Version


Other information

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Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

anjum-alicommented, Dec 16, 2021

@skinny85 Sure. Here is the template body:

    const provisioningTemplateBody = {
      Parameters : {
        SerialNumber : {
          Type : 'String'
        ApplianceId : {
          Type : 'String'
        ThingGroups : {
          Type : 'String'
        ThingName : {
          Type : 'String'
        ThingTypeName : {
          Type : 'String'
        BillingGroup : {
          Type : 'String'
        'AWS::IoT::Certificate::Id' : {
          Type : 'String'
      Resources : {
        certificate : {
          Properties : {
            CertificateId : {
              Ref : 'AWS::IoT::Certificate::Id'
            Status : 'ACTIVE'
          Type : 'AWS::IoT::Certificate'
        policy : {
          Properties : {
            PolicyName : fleetIoTPolicy.policyName
          Type : 'AWS::IoT::Policy'
        thing : {
          OverrideSettings : {
            AttributePayload : 'MERGE',
            ThingGroups      : 'REPLACE',
            ThingName        : 'REPLACE',
            ThingTypeName    : 'REPLACE',
            BillingGroup     : 'REPLACE'
          Properties : {
            AttributePayload : {
              version       : 'v1',
              serial_number : { Ref: 'SerialNumber' }
            ThingGroups   : [{ Ref: 'ThingGroups' }],
            ThingName     : { Ref: 'ApplianceId' },
            ThingTypeName : { Ref: 'ThingTypeName' },
            BillingGroup  : { Ref: 'BillingGroup' }
          Type : 'AWS::IoT::Thing'

The fleetIoTPolicy is an instance of CfnPolicy.

github-actions[bot]commented, Dec 17, 2021


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