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cdk deploy may fail with cache directory error

See original GitHub issue

I was trying to update from 1.28.0 to 1.29.0+ and I saw that my artefacts may not be uploaded with an fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache' error.

Reproduction Steps

Update from cdk 1.28.0 to a newer one

Error Log

with cdk deploy, I get:

> node@0.1.0 cdk /app
> cdk "deploy" "myproject-test"

(node:16) ExperimentalWarning: The fs.promises API is experimental
Init loading cdk profile plugin PluginHost { credentialProviderSources: [] }
myproject-test: deploying...
[0%] start: Publishing e89c8429b8376dbc4094a7f71f3662a0c7f7b9efd64d99acea102e7fdd33d1a1:current
[5%] fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache'
[5%] start: Publishing 5741f85917ffca30b209ad61e375d3d3bae0457270071f7aca8ca81be19bd22a:current
[11%] success: Published 5741f85917ffca30b209ad61e375d3d3bae0457270071f7aca8ca81be19bd22a:current
[11%] start: Publishing a9125fa9a40550c71cde90bd478cc23091e868067a12380c1df0827d013ad2ff:current
[17%] success: Published a9125fa9a40550c71cde90bd478cc23091e868067a12380c1df0827d013ad2ff:current
[17%] start: Publishing 5f9e1b421ff76b3fedba0d495386920c1ca519a4432710870736622d6266d4a9:current
[23%] success: Published 5f9e1b421ff76b3fedba0d495386920c1ca519a4432710870736622d6266d4a9:current
[23%] start: Publishing 3d2960c1b1105a3ee7e05a913c54aa7bf03ac2fc0edb4f34561664d3abe58531:current
[29%] success: Published 3d2960c1b1105a3ee7e05a913c54aa7bf03ac2fc0edb4f34561664d3abe58531:current
[29%] start: Publishing cbf9d46e9ef1730fb8b46af74e35cd167a540d5d930e9a9fb15063702ff883c3:current
[35%] success: Published cbf9d46e9ef1730fb8b46af74e35cd167a540d5d930e9a9fb15063702ff883c3:current
[35%] start: Publishing aa6872c5e59d047daa3735c599a272ae339a6765359d61c463e9105af753017d:current
[41%] success: Published aa6872c5e59d047daa3735c599a272ae339a6765359d61c463e9105af753017d:current
[41%] start: Publishing 070cf22601c22835599c2860fead17a1902f63206810f5db50150493126a49e8:current
[47%] success: Published 070cf22601c22835599c2860fead17a1902f63206810f5db50150493126a49e8:current
[47%] start: Publishing 6db14871b4145ebb15966cc989d4dff59072ea96972c144db9169312bb85fe32:current
[52%] success: Published 6db14871b4145ebb15966cc989d4dff59072ea96972c144db9169312bb85fe32:current
[52%] start: Publishing e2e3ecebf7101466ff068f81ffbe8a0a4d73c193d5e677e30daf7b21aae7bf3f:current
[58%] success: Published e2e3ecebf7101466ff068f81ffbe8a0a4d73c193d5e677e30daf7b21aae7bf3f:current
[58%] start: Publishing d32c0c47a877cd1f901e1d648994763a2f4ee28cc140882f289ee2fba979da65:current
[64%] success: Published d32c0c47a877cd1f901e1d648994763a2f4ee28cc140882f289ee2fba979da65:current
[64%] start: Publishing 002c7d9fe91db27f9674ad958c833b7c8d3285597a5f0a7fdb8c91ceda3ba4c2:current
[70%] fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache'
[70%] start: Publishing 2cac6af03b366620f963cda2d8f9542d12c73d50a1d83dcb0ec4b18636f159c6:current
[76%] fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache'
[76%] start: Publishing 1456471231f298836dc5f475eeb4e242df7cb80edad3d5274e8bc24f0b6a04da:current
[82%] fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache'
[82%] start: Publishing 4fc7bb8a5280811831ad78308171bd7ccd8a13056f1ac0f8b8463eb03a6c675f:current
[88%] success: Published 4fc7bb8a5280811831ad78308171bd7ccd8a13056f1ac0f8b8463eb03a6c675f:current
[88%] start: Publishing 802d60eafad76c29bd45ff72fe0e46eb510ee7ec36448a333e46269b754c22aa:current
[94%] fail: EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir 'cdk.out/.cache'
[94%] start: Publishing a088894be20e45552fb4dcfdc7f9a46507eae8411381790235136f62e3387844:current
[100%] success: Published a088894be20e45552fb4dcfdc7f9a46507eae8411381790235136f62e3387844:current

 ❌  myproject-test failed: Error: Failed to publish one or more assets. See the error messages above for more information.
Failed to publish one or more assets. See the error messages above for more information.


  • CLI Version : 1.32.1
  • Framework Version:
  • OS : Linux
  • Language : JavaScript


I saw this happened when I was on Node 10.3 (the earliest documented supported by cdk)


Not sure if the issue is as hinted by (node:16) ExperimentalWarning: The fs.promises API is experimental

I tried with node 11 or 13 and the issue was gone (and the latter warning was gone too)

I think the resolution for this issue should either drop support for Node 10.x or provide a solution that will work will old versions of Node.

This is 🐛 Bug Report

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:11 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rix0rrrcommented, Apr 10, 2020

Ah, thanks for that command line. I will binary search for the minimum required Node 10.x version now 😃

rix0rrrcommented, Apr 10, 2020

Running this to find the minimum required Node version:

docker run --rm -it node:10.15-slim bash -c 'mkdir thedir; env dir=thedir node -e "const fs = require(\'fs\'); fs.promises.mkdir(process.env.dir, { recursive: true }).then(() => console.log(\'ok\')).catch(e => console.error(e));"'

Well, the documentation actually just states that 10.12 is the first version that supports { recursive: true }, so that’s the one we NEED.

10.17 is the first one that doesn’t complain about fs.promises being experimental anymore, which I guess might be worth something. But for now I think we’re going to raise the minimum suggested version to 10.12.

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