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cdk init should have option to produce new project with fixed file and class names

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There should be a cdk init template that doesn’t use the name of the project folder to generate file and class names.

Use Case

Every once in a while I get feedback on the Getting Started topic in the Developer Guide stating that a class name or filename is wrong. Inevitably this is caused by someone who has named their folder something other than “hello-cdk” as the instructions direct. Since cdk init uses the project folder name as part of the generated file and class names, this throws off all the rest of the instructions, and the customer has trouble getting the example to work.

This is by far the single most common issue reported with the CDK Developer Guide. I added a note to Getting Started describing the issue and explaining the importance of naming their project folder “hello-cdk,” but I just received another report of it.

It would improve the Getting Started experience if we could remove this stumbling block to customers being successful at trying out the CDK.

Proposed Solution

Let’s provide a template (maybe named something like “hello”) that we can use specifically in Getting Started and perhaps the CDK Workshop. This template should use static file and class names so the customer can name their project folder whatever they want without affecting the files inside it.

  • 👋 I may be able to implement this feature request
  • ⚠️ This feature might incur a breaking change

This is a 🚀 Feature Request

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eladbcommented, Nov 6, 2019

I think it makes sense to support something like —project-name. @nmussy might be interested to pick this up as he was dwelling in this space recently.

gmwill934commented, Jun 22, 2022

is this available?

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