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CdkPipeline: resource naming, compliance and customizations

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Just wanted to clarify something for CdkPipeline, when it is declared the cdk creates pipeline stack with a LOT of things.

I’m working atm in a medium size enterprise and there are some standard, about naming convention, IAM policies etc.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to re-use any of these between projects? These seems like waste of resources to create for each app. Unless this is designed to run in app-dedicated aws micro accounts.
  2. Is there a way to customize any of these below? For example I could re-use some of existing roles, buckets… Or is it designed to go in all as one package?

Thank you!

// [+] AWS::KMS::Key Pipeline/Pipeline/ArtifactsBucketEncryptionKey PipelineArtifactsBucketEncryptionKeyF5BF0670
// [+] AWS::KMS::Alias Pipeline/Pipeline/ArtifactsBucketEncryptionKeyAlias PipelineArtifactsBucketEncryptionKeyAlias94A07392
// [+] AWS::S3::Bucket Pipeline/Pipeline/ArtifactsBucket PipelineArtifactsBucketAEA9A052
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/Role PipelineRoleB27FAA37
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/Role/DefaultPolicy PipelineRoleDefaultPolicy7BDC1ABB
// [+] AWS::CodePipeline::Pipeline Pipeline/Pipeline Pipeline9850B417
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/Source/CodeCommit/CodePipelineActionRole PipelineSourceCodeCommitCodePipelineActionRole48F8DEFA
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/Source/CodeCommit/CodePipelineActionRole/DefaultPolicy PipelineSourceCodeCommitCodePipelineActionRoleDefaultPolicy3CEB31C0
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/EventsRole PipelineEventsRole96280D9B
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/EventsRole/DefaultPolicy PipelineEventsRoleDefaultPolicy62809D8F
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/Build/Synth/CodePipelineActionRole PipelineBuildSynthCodePipelineActionRole4E7A6C97
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/Build/Synth/CodePipelineActionRole/DefaultPolicy PipelineBuildSynthCodePipelineActionRoleDefaultPolicy92C90290
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/Build/Synth/CdkBuildProject/Role PipelineBuildSynthCdkBuildProjectRole231EEA2A
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/Build/Synth/CdkBuildProject/Role/DefaultPolicy PipelineBuildSynthCdkBuildProjectRoleDefaultPolicyFB6C941C
// [+] AWS::CodeBuild::Project Pipeline/Pipeline/Build/Synth/CdkBuildProject PipelineBuildSynthCdkBuildProject6BEFA8E6
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/Pipeline/UpdatePipeline/SelfMutate/CodePipelineActionRole PipelineUpdatePipelineSelfMutateCodePipelineActionRoleD6D4E5CF
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/Pipeline/UpdatePipeline/SelfMutate/CodePipelineActionRole/DefaultPolicy PipelineUpdatePipelineSelfMutateCodePipelineActionRoleDefaultPolicyE626265B
// [+] AWS::IAM::Role Pipeline/UpdatePipeline/SelfMutation/Role PipelineUpdatePipelineSelfMutationRole57E559E8
// [+] AWS::IAM::Policy Pipeline/UpdatePipeline/SelfMutation/Role/DefaultPolicy PipelineUpdatePipelineSelfMutationRoleDefaultPolicyA225DA4E
// [+] AWS::CodeBuild::Project Pipeline/UpdatePipeline/SelfMutation PipelineUpdatePipelineSelfMutationDAA41400

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peterwoodworthcommented, Aug 20, 2021

@kennu the stack name will be generated if the stackName prop isn’t defined. The code which generates the stack name is here:

To not have the name be automatically generated with the stagename at the beginning, you can use the stackName prop when creating the Stack construct

github-actions[bot]commented, Sep 27, 2021


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