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(lambda): Consider renaming `Function`

See original GitHub issue

The current API for @aws-cdk/aws-lambda exposes a type called Function. In addition to being easily confused with the built-in Function type, this clashes with typescript-eslint rules like ban-types, as discussed here. Would it not be more correct to name the export LambdaFunction?

Additionally, @aws-cdk/aws-events-targets does expose a type called LambdaFunction, but (unless I am missing something) would it not be more correct to name that export LambdaFunctionTarget?

Use Case

I’d like this feature so that newcomers to the CDK can easily tell that Function is not the same as the Function built-in type, and can use eslint rules with no additional challenges, and so that the API surface exposed by aws-cdk is more intuitive.

Proposed Solution

for the next major release of aws-cdk:

  • In aws-lambda, rename Function to LambdaFunction
  • In aws-event-targets, rename LambdaFunction to LambdaFunctionTarget (or similar) (There may be other similar renames in that module).


If you would be willing to accept it, I am happy to make a PR for this one

  • 👋 I may be able to implement this feature request
  • ⚠️ This feature might incur a breaking change

This is a 🚀 Feature Request

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:4
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

github-actions[bot]commented, Jun 17, 2022

This issue has not received any attention in 1 year. If you want to keep this issue open, please leave a comment below and auto-close will be canceled.

nija-atcommented, Apr 19, 2021

I’m happy to leave this open to see if there’s more interest here, or if there are more complaints in this area.

If we don’t see that signal over time, we will have to close this request out. We will need to prioritize which requests to service.

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