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(logs): Log Group ARN has extra `:*`

See original GitHub issue

What is the problem?

The logGroupArn attribute for a LogGroup L2 construct has an extra :* at the end of the ARN. While this matches the behavior of CloudFormation’s Arn attribute for an AWS::Logs::LogGroup, it does not match the documented structure for a Log Group. This breaks integration with other services, such as the creation of an AWS::WAFv2::LoggingConfiguration, which requires the ARN of the Log Group without :*.

Reproduction Steps

Build the following constructs within a Stack. (Sorry for the length; building a Web ACL is noisy)

import * as wafv2 from "aws-cdk-lib/aws-wafv2";
import * as logs from "aws-cdk-lib/aws-logs";

const acl = new waf.CfnWebACL(this, "ACL", {
  scope: "REGIONAL",
  defaultAction: {
    allow: {},
  visibilityConfig: {
    sampledRequestsEnabled: true,
    cloudWatchMetricsEnabled: true,
    metricName: "SampleACLMetric",
  rules: [
      name: "RuleWithAWSManagedRules",
      priority: 0,
      overrideAction: {
        none: {},
      statement: {
        managedRuleGroupStatement: {
          vendorName: "AWS",
          name: "AWSManagedRulesCommonRuleSet",
          excludedRules: [],
      visibilityConfig: {
        sampledRequestsEnabled: true,
        cloudWatchMetricsEnabled: true,
        metricName: "SampleAWSManagedRulesMetric",

const aclLogGroup = new logs.LogGroup(this, "ACLLogs", {
  // WAFv2 Log Groups must begin with `aws-waf-logs`. Including the ACL's
  // ID hopefully prevents name conflicts.
  logGroupName: `aws-waf-logs-${acl.attrId}`,

const logConfig = new wafv2.CfnLoggingConfiguration(scope, "WebAclLogging", {
  logDestinationConfigs: [aclLogGroup.logGroupArn],
  resourceArn: acl.attrArn,

What did you expect to happen?

The AWS::WAFv2::LoggingConfiguration resource should create successfully, referencing the logGroupArn attribute directly.

The LogGroup construct should provide the ARN in the format specified by the documentation, including

What actually happened?

The AWS::WAFv2::LoggingConfiguration resource failed to create with the error:

Resource handler returned message: "Error reason: The ARN isn’t valid. A valid ARN begins with arn: and includes other information separated by colons or slashes., field: LOG_DESTINATION, parameter: arn:aws:logs:us-east-1:1234657890:log-group:aws-waf-logs-foo:*

The LogGroup.logGroupArn had an :* that was not documented as part of the ARN according to most documentation for the ARN of a Log Group.

CDK CLI Version

2.3.0 (build beaa5b2)

Framework Version

No response

Node.js Version






Language Version

No response

Other information

It may be more viable to fix this in other L2 constructs that need a log group than it is to fix it in the LogGroup construct itself at this point (and it doesn’t seem that L2 constructs for the Web ACL logging configuration exist yet).

A workaround is to construct the ARN manually (with adjustments if the Log Group is in another account/region):

// The `.logGroupArn` attribute of `LogGroup` contains a `:*` at the end,
// which causes conflicts with the Web ACL Logging Configuration
const logGroupArn = Stack.of(this).formatArn({
  arnFormat: ArnFormat.COLON_RESOURCE_NAME,
  service: "logs",
  resource: "log-group",
  resourceName: aclLogGroup.logGroupName,

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ryancastlecommented, Jan 27, 2022

Workaround example in CDKv2

const logGroup = new LogGroup(this, 'LogGroup', {
  logGroupName: `aws-waf-logs-firewall`,
  retention: RetentionDays.SIX_MONTHS,
  removalPolicy: RemovalPolicy.DESTROY,

const logDestination =, Fn.split('*', logGroup.logGroupArn));
aidbalcommented, May 20, 2022

Hi @comcalvi, thanks for linking me the PR.

I agree that there was a need to patch the bug which caused incorrect permissions.

I think that your patch created another bug (the one I mentioned) unintentionally.

And it’s not about mixing L1 and L2, I can easily break your bug fix by only using L2 constructs (explained at the end)

Why the bug fix is not complete

Here you guys check if the arn has :* attached, if so, you replace it with empty string.

However, you don’t put into the consideration that the ARN might be a token and so your regex might not find anything.

I think the better approach there would have been to check if it’s a token. If so, don’t append any :*. If not, search for :* and replace it with empty string, then append :* at the end.

I think this makes the most sense as the LogGroupArn in AWS Console shows up with :* at the end:

AWS Console LogGroup ARN

Meaning the user expects the ARN of the LogGroup to always be the one with :* attached in the end. Thus, any CloudFormation values (i.e. Tokens), referring to LogGroupArn, will always represent the value with :* at the end (at least to the customer’s eyes). No need to append any additional values.

Breaking your bug fix with L2 only

If you don’t fix this bug and say that it only affects it when L1 and L2 are mixed together, I can easily create L2 Log group and get the ARN from that:

const logGroupL2 = new LogGroup(this, "LogGroupL2")

const stateMachine = new StateMachine(this, "StateMachine", {
  logs: {
    destination: LogGroup.fromLogGroupArn(this, "LogGroupFromArn", logGroupL2.logGroupArn)
    level: LogLevel.ALL

This results in the following CloudFormation code:

              "CloudWatchLogsLogGroup": {
                "LogGroupArn": {
                  "Fn::Join": [
                        "Fn::GetAtt": [

No L1 construct being mixed in, but still breaks your bug fix.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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