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(pipeline): primaryOutputDirectory doesn't work

See original GitHub issue

What is the problem?

I coded just as mentioned about primaryOutputDirectory, but it fails to work. This is my code snippet.

    // The basic pipeline declaration. This sets the initial structure
    // of our pipeline
    const cdk_infra_path = "packages/cdk-infra";
    const cdk_infra_path_back = "../..";
    const cdk_out_path = "cdk.out";
    const steps = new pipelines.ShellStep("Synth", {
      input: pipelines.CodePipelineSource.codeCommit(repo, "master"),
      commands: [
        "cd " + cdk_infra_path,
        "npx lerna bootstrap --ci",
        "npx lerna run build",
        "npx cdk synth",
        "cd " + cdk_infra_path_back,
        "ln -s " + cdk_infra_path + "/" + cdk_out_path + " " + cdk_out_path,
      primaryOutputDirectory: cdk_infra_path + "/" + cdk_out_path,

    const pipeline = new pipelines.CodePipeline(this, "Pipeline", {
      pipelineName: SrvConfig.PIPELINE_NAME,
      synth: steps,

However, it fails me at the end with this CodeBuild log output.

< snip >
        BuildSpec: |-
            "version": "0.2",
            "phases": {
              "build": {
                "commands": [
                  "cd packages/cdk-infra",
                  "npx lerna bootstrap --ci",
                  "npx lerna run build",
                  "npx cdk synth",
                  "cd ../..",
                  "ln -s packages/cdk-infra/cdk.out cdk.out"
            "artifacts": {
              "base-directory": "packages/cdk-infra/cdk.out",  <=====
              "files": "**/*"
        Type: CODEPIPELINE
< snip >
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase complete: BUILD State: SUCCEEDED
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase context status code:  Message: 
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Entering phase POST_BUILD
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase complete: POST_BUILD State: SUCCEEDED
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase context status code:  Message: 
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Expanding base directory path: cdk.out  <=====
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Assembling file list
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Expanding cdk.out
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Skipping invalid file path cdk.out
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase complete: UPLOAD_ARTIFACTS State: FAILED
[Container] 2022/01/06 18:37:12 Phase context status code: CLIENT_ERROR Message: no matching base directory path found for cdk.out

The whole log: log-events-viewer-result (1).csv

My two cents on this. Maybe this code ( is reverting the path to cdk.out?

Please help. I need my CDK v2 + CodePipeline working for my customer.

Reproduction Steps

What did you expect to happen?

CDK v2 + CodePipeline + primaryOutputDirectory working in my CDK infra’s subdirectory of packages/cdk-infra.

What actually happened?

Failed at CodeBuild with the log mentioned above.

CDK CLI Version

2.4.0 (build 993f14d)

Framework Version


Node.js Version






Language Version

Version 4.1.3

Other information

No response

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

makemefeelgr8commented, Jan 10, 2022

I can confirm it doesn’t work on 2.5.0. I had to run cdk bootstrap to fix the issue. Though it said there were no changes, it actually helped.

byongwucommented, Jan 11, 2022

Thank you, @makemefeelgr8 and @rix0rrr for your time. Case resolved.

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