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RDS DB identifiers have obscure names

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some resources get pretty ARNs (that is, they are prefixed with the id, so it’s easy to look for them), while some others don’t: RDS databases and EKS clusters are the ones I can’t find. here is how my databases and clusters look:



this means that looking up resources is quite painful. compare it to other resources buckets where the arn is something like {LOGICAL_ID}-{random_number}. I don’t want to set resource names in my definitions, as that leads to problems. is there a way to avoid this?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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nija-atcommented, Feb 17, 2020

Is it because EKS is actually a custom resource and not a cloudformation construct?

@itajaja - yes, that’s accurate.

itajajacommented, Feb 7, 2020

@itajaja - to reiterate @jogold’s comment, any attempt to control the name of the database instance from by the CDK would result in a state where CloudFormation cannot execute updates when its properties are modified.

so you are saying that this is an issue on cloudformation end rather than CDK? if that’s the case, why then was the problem solved on CDK’s side for EKS clusters? Isn’t that applicable to RDS too? Is it because EKS is actually a custom resource and not a cloudformation construct?

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