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resource access to secrets manager for bitbucket sourceaction

See original GitHub issue
    // SourceAction
    const sourceAction = new BitBucketSourceAction({
        actionName: 'BitbucketSource',
        owner: 'ownername',
        repo: repoName,
        output: sourceOutputArtifact,
        connectionArn: SecretValue.secretsManager('BBCloudConnection').toString(),

This is what the source action looks like. I need it to be able to access connectionArn from SecretValue. It fails due to lack of permissions at the moment. Where should the resource permission be added? I am using the pipeline from

Action in deploymentPolicy looks as follows:

            - 'cloudformation:*'
            - 'iam:*'
            - 'lambda:*'
            - 'ecs:*'
            - 'ecr:*'
            - 'logs:*'
            - 'ec2:*'
            - 'ssm:*'
            - 'secretsmanager:*'

i.e have added ‘secretsmanager:*’ at the bottom

As of now, I get the following error if I use secretsManager:

17/49 | 2:14:10 a.m. | CREATE_FAILED | AWS::IAM::Policy | backend--854-pipeline-backend-setup-pipeline/Source/BitbucketSource/CodePipelineActionRole/DefaultPolicy (backendVLNCC854pipelinebackendsetuppipelineSourceBitbucketSourceCodePipelineActionRoleDefaultPolicy41F7C61D) Syntax errors in policy. (Service: AmazonIdentityManagement; Status Code: 400; Error Code: MalformedPolicyDocument; Request ID: 62b6fb1c-77b0-432c-b907-2e409ff7c538; Proxy: null)

The secret was created manually on console and has the following resource permissions:

{ “Version” : “2012-10-17”, “Statement” : [ { “Effect” : “Allow”, “Principal” : { “AWS” : “arn:aws:iam::1111111111:role/deployment-role” }, “Action” : “secretsmanager:GetSecretValue”, “Resource” : “*” } ] }

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skinny85commented, Dec 4, 2020

@s1mrankaur you can create your own Role, and pass it when creating the BitBucketSourceAction. For that Role, you can add any permissions you need.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Adam

github-actions[bot]commented, Jan 20, 2021

This issue has not received a response in a while. If you want to keep this issue open, please leave a comment below and auto-close will be canceled.

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