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📊Tracking: Amazon Timestream

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Amazon Timestream is a fast, scalable, and serverless time series database service for IoT and operational applications that makes it easy to store and analyze trillions of events per day up to 1,000 times faster and at as little as 1/10th the cost of relational databases. Amazon Timestream saves you time and cost in managing the lifecycle of time series data by keeping recent data in memory and moving historical data to a cost optimized storage tier based upon user defined policies. Amazon Timestream’s purpose-built query engine lets you access and analyze recent and historical data together, without needing to specify explicitly in the query whether the data resides in the in-memory or cost-optimized tier. Amazon Timestream has built-in time series analytics functions, helping you identify trends and patterns in your data in near real-time. Amazon Timestream is serverless and automatically scales up or down to adjust capacity and performance, so you don’t need to manage the underlying infrastructure, freeing you to focus on building your applications.

AWS Docs

Maturity: CloudFormation Resources Only

See the AWS Construct Library Module Lifecycle doc for more information about maturity levels.


See the CDK API Reference for more implementation details.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kochiecommented, Oct 19, 2020

I’d like to take a crack at making the Database and Table constructs, should I make an issue to track or can I just create a PR?

jonny-rimekcommented, Oct 13, 2020

I’d settle for the Cfn base construct for now, it is already supported in cloudformation, so it should come in the next cdk release correct?

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