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Hi folks,

we really appreciate the lib and want to use it, but we are currently facing some hard times testing our code using your lib. The lib provides too less interfaces. Also, constructing a new Connection directly establishes a socket. Therefore it is simply not mock-/testable. As we are developing in a CI environment, we strongly need to provide unittests (not only integrationtests).

Do you think there is a chance to introduce an appropiate level of abstraction?

Thanks in advance Andy

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xinchen10commented, Jun 15, 2017

Hi everyone, based on the feedback and sample PR, I pushed some code to the api-updates branch. There you will find the public interfaces (sync part in IAmqpObject.cs, async part in TaskExtensions.cs and also IConnectionFactory.cs). This should cover most of the APIs on the client side. I didn’t include all public methods to minimize the changes. Please let me know if you feel any changes are needed. Thanks a lot.

peteraritchiecommented, Jun 12, 2017

I added a throw-away PR that shows an example of adding interface to support this concept. From a testability standpoint, for example, this is the type of thing I would be hopping to accomplish without having to create a bunch of my own interfaces and wrappers around the amqpnetlite classes:

	public void DoesReceiverReceiveFromAmqpCorrectly()
		// test-specific code
		IReceiverMessage messageReceived = null;
		var waitHandle = new ManualResetEventSlim();

		// create a mock receiver link to simulate a message
		// actually coming through receiver link as soon
		// as a message is requested
		var mockReceiverLink = new Mock<IReceiverLink>();
		mockReceiverLink.Setup(mock => mock.ReceiveAsync(It.IsAny<TimeSpan>())).Returns(Task.FromResult(new Message("my body")));

		// create our home-grown event-driven class instance
		var r = new AmqpReceiver(mockReceiverLink.Object, "queueName");

		// hook up event handler
		r.MessageReceived += (sender, e) =>
			messageReceived = e.Message;

		// start the "listener"

		// assert our constraints
		Assert.Equal("my body", messageReceived.GetStringValue(Encoding.UTF8));
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