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[BUG] Extractor - API specification.json file is overwritten by last API in extractor config

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Release version


Describe the bug

I have configured the extractor to extract both versions (apiA and apiA-v2) of a version set. The OpenAPI specs differ between these two API versions.

The first time I run the extractor, it creates a PR as expected with both unique specification files. I merged that PR and then – without changing anything in APIM – ran the extractor again.

This time, it creates a PR and overrides Artifacts/apis/apiA/specification.json file with the contents of Artifacts/apis/apiA-v2/specification.json file.

My extractor config looks like this:

- apiA
- apiA-v2

(apiA-v2 spec overwrites apiA spec)

As a test, I switched the order in extractor config, and I confirmed that the last API in the extractor config seems to override other API versions.

i.e. With this configuration, apiA spec overwrites apiA-v2 spec

- apiA-v2
- apiA

Expected behavior

The second run of extractor would not create a PR because nothing had changed. The APIs extracted would be independent.

Actual behavior

The second run results in a PR that overwrites apiA specification with apiB specification. The last listed API in extractor config “wins” and overwrites the other versions.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create an API versionset with 2 API versions.
  2. Configure extractor to extract both of those APIs.
  3. Run the extractor once, merge PR.
  4. Run the extractor again and view (incorrect) PR.

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  • State:open
  • Created 3 months ago
  • Comments:11 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

guythetechiecommented, Jul 18, 2023

@hscheffert - My bad, I was thinking about revisions instead of version sets. As @waelkdouh pointed out, we have a Wiki that talks about how version sets are handled.

Understanding now that you’re talking about version sets and not revisions, you’re correct; APIM treats APIs in the same version set as distinct APIs. In your example, you’ll need to specify both apiA and apiA-v2 for both to be extracted.

Back to your original issue: I am able to reproduce it. Adding it to our backlog. Reproduction steps below:

  1. Create apiA image

  2. Add v2 image We now have two APIs, Original and v2. image

  3. Run extractor. We see the version set… image

…and the APIs.


Note the incorrect references to V2. image



  1. Rerunning the extractor creates a new PR that incorrectly sets both URLs to apiA. image
waelkdouhcommented, Jul 5, 2023

As you probably know this is an open source project so we try your address existing issues when we get a chance. We will get to this at one point but at the moment we have other priorities within the project. So please be patient.

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