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Enum definitions with a single item are not included as referenced.

See original GitHub issue

When referencing an enum with only a single value, the associated property is missing from the generated type.

I’ve attached an example directory that has a simple swagger.yaml and client output. Any help or known workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

The command run to create the client was:

cd output
autorest --typescript --add-credentials=true --input-file=../swagger.yaml --generate-metadata=true --output-folder=client --package-name="enum-single-item" --package-version=0.0.1

The output of that command, showing versions:

AutoRest code generation utility [version: 2.0.4283; node: v8.9.4]
(C) 2018 Microsoft Corporation.
   Loading AutoRest core      '/Users/bluecamel/.autorest/@microsoft.azure_autorest-core@2.0.4283/node_modules/' (2.0.4283)
   Loading AutoRest extension '' (~2.0.12->2.0.304)
   Loading AutoRest extension '' (2.1.23->2.1.23)

The relevant model definitions:

      name: Thing
    type: string
      - thinger

        type: string
        $ref: '#/definitions/Thing'
      - message
      - thing

The enum is generated correctly:

 * Defines values for Thing.
 * Possible values include: 'thinger'
 * @readonly
 * @enum {string}
export enum Thing {
  Thinger = 'thinger',

However, the property is missing from the generated interface that references the enum:

 * @interface
 * An interface representing Stuff.
export interface Stuff {
   * @member {string} message
  message: string;

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

RikkiGibsoncommented, Oct 1, 2018

I’ll consider this resolved as by-design. Please follow up if you have any additional questions.

RikkiGibsoncommented, Sep 27, 2018

We had a need to be able to define constant-valued properties and parameters from an API design perspective and we adapted single-case enums to do so. See

If you poke around in ms-rest-js’s serviceClient or serializer you’ll see that at runtime we add the default values for the constant properties for you.

re x-ms-enum: you might be able to get the modeler to treat it as a user-visible string property if you want by providing modelAsString: true. Haven’t tried it myself.

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