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OpenApi fails to use a model with a property named Aliases

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Hi guys, so, I have this model in my solution:

public class WeatherForecast
       public DateTime Date { get; set; }

       public int TemperatureC { get; set; }

       public int TemperatureF => 32 + (int)(TemperatureC / 0.5556);

       public string Summary { get; set; }

       public List<Aliases> Aliases { get; set; }

   public class Aliases
       public DateTime Date { get; set; }


If I try to add this property to the Function: [OpenApiResponseWithBody(statusCode: HttpStatusCode.OK, contentType: "text/plain", bodyType: typeof(List<WeatherForecast>), Summary = "The response", Description = "This returns a weatherList")]

And if I try to check the Function Swagger, I get this error: image

If I change the name, the error disappears. For example, If I change the property name to Alias I have no problem, but if I make it Aliases it just gives me that error.

Can someone confirm whether or not this word is somehow reserved or is being used in the code and it’s giving this error?

I don’t know if this is actually related to this, but the azure functions open API extension solution has these 2 js Swagger Files that might be excluding the name:



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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

justinyoocommented, Jul 12, 2021

Thanks for the confirmation. Let me have a look.

level120commented, Aug 27, 2021

That’s interesting! I will try this issue, but i’m not sure that solve or not.

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