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PushItemsAsync bug ?

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Originally posted by henda79 January 16, 2023 I have noticed an issue when trying to push a single table, but I’m not sure if its a bug or intended,

At the moment I have a single record in the _errors table for table A, now if I try to push table B I get an error which seems odd because the pushing of table B worked fine. It returns the error due to the previous error of table A now stored in the __errors table.

It is this code here in the PushItemsAsync method. It just gets all records from the __errors table and reports the problem.

Surely it should just get errors from the table I am trying to push ?

            List<TableOperationError> errors = new();
            PushStatus batchStatus = batch.AbortReason ?? PushStatus.Complete;
                errors.AddRange(await batch.LoadErrorsAsync(cancellationToken).ConfigureAwait(false));
            catch (Exception ex)
                batch.OtherErrors.Add(new OfflineStoreException("Failed to read errors from the local store.", ex));
            SendPushFinishedEvent(batchStatus != PushStatus.Complete);

            // If the push did not complete successfully, then throw a PushFailedException.
            if (batchStatus != PushStatus.Complete || batch.HasErrors(errors))
                List<TableOperationError> unhandledErrors = errors.Where(error => !error.Handled).ToList();
                Exception innerException = batch.OtherErrors.Count > 0 ? new AggregateException(batch.OtherErrors) : null;
                throw new PushFailedException(new PushCompletionResult(unhandledErrors, batchStatus), innerException);

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  • Created 8 months ago
  • Comments:8 (7 by maintainers)

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adrianhallcommented, Feb 3, 2023

I’ve made two minimal changes in #581:

  1. When the store is initialized, all errors are cleared.
  2. When a sync is finished, all non-conflict errors are cleared.

This should sort out the issues that were reported. If there are more conditions when errors cause problems, let me know via a new bug and I’ll fix the situation.

josuuribecommented, Jan 31, 2023

When i was using the SDK, I thought that methods like CancelAndDiscardItemAsync CancelAndUpdateItemAsync will also removed all relevant information, like pending queue item, errors, etc… In other side i think there should be always a way for remove all that includes all tables anda data, sthg like the final purge 😃

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