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blobService.createBlockBlobFromBrowserFile is not a function

See original GitHub issue

Running the following:

 var blobService = azure.createBlobService("key")

Browser outputs error:

blobService.createBlockBlobFromBrowserFile is not a function at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload

Other blobService functions behave as expected…

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:13 (7 by maintainers)

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SogoGolfcommented, Jun 26, 2019

i thought one of MSFT’s goals is to be where developers are and provide efficient intuitive API’s (plenty of MSFT API’s are). Many developers currently use React for web. The V10 JS API is (at moment) terrible for React devs to get started with imho. I’ve wasted hours trying to get it working and all we need to do is upload an image to Azure Storage.

So - how do we, use this V10 library to get an image selected in the browser => up to Azure Storage?? And on this proviso that SharedKeyCredential is for some reason not supported in browsers.

A direct example would be helpful and I’m sure plenty others will benefit from it

glv1at118commented, Apr 4, 2022

thanks @XiaoningLiu good to hear. I can’t get past the SharedKeyCredential issue to use the V10 SDK at all, so for now that’s the blocker. from a quick review of the code examples the only other thing that seemed odd was that pipeline setup & param. i took a look at the code sample you mentioned above (for Track2) but it still shows the use of pipeline ? I’ll keep an eye out for the preview + perhaps if you can drop a quick update here once its released that would be great, thanks.

There are lots of PRs needs to be merged yet, like Azure/azure-sdk-for-js#4058 (comment)

Hello! Do you know this JS browser API is compatible with ionic framework on mobile environment or not? Right now I’ve been building an ionic mobile app and it will need to upload file to Azure Blob. Will the “createBlockBlobFromBrowserFile” ever work on the mobile environment? Any ideas?

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blobService.createBlockBlobFromBrowserFile is not a function.
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