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Will there be any support for asyncio? I think the library would perform much better if asynchronous operations would be supported.

Thank you very much

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zezha-msftcommented, May 8, 2019

@bmc-msft thanks for the feedback! We are actively working on providing async support. Please stay tuned!

RobertoPrevatocommented, Jan 3, 2019

Hi @zezha-msft, I have a very good use case: “Could you please elaborate on your use case and why the lack of async support is hindering it?”.

Consider ASP.NET Core web framework and how it performs better than older versions of ASP.NET. Internally it uses Kestrel server, which internally uses libuv networking library, so it is using an event loop (or more, together with multi-threading). I think most of .NET community embraced asynchronous code, and nobody who has the possibility to use ASP.NET Core will go back to the older web framework, when coding in C# or other .NET languages.

asyncio is the Python built-in framework to support event loops and non-blocking IO operations. It enables much greater concurrency than synchronous code. As a side note, it supports different implementations of event loops and it can be used with the same libuv used by Kestrel. The brilliant Yury Selivanov wrote a library, called uvloop, which is a Cython wrapper around libuv library (first article about uvloop).

In my case, if I want to create a Python web application that works fast, I will choose asyncio. I am even building my own web framework to benefit from the speed of static typing given by Cython, when parsing web requests and responses. Since I like Azure Storage very much, I also wrote (for private use) functions to upload files to Blob Storage with asyncio. In this context, I use the official SDK only to generate shared access signatures.

@kutoga - I wrote functions to upload files of any size to Azure Blob Service with asyncio. Currently I keep this code private in Azure DevOps, but I can share it in GitHub for you, if you wish. You could also use multi-threading with Python to do concurrent uploads, with the official storage SDK. GIL is not a problem in this scenario.

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