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Disable gzip auto decoding

See original GitHub issue

Which service(blob, file, queue) does this issue concern?


Which version of the SDK was used? Please provide the output of pip freeze.

Azure 4.0.0, blob 1.4.0

What problem was encountered?

When downloading a gzipped file that contains Content-Encoding: gzip through get_blob_to_stream, the file is automatically decoded. This was reported at #509. However, I find the workaround not to be maintainable since it messes with private method/classes. I believe this is a valid use-case, one may want a file to be decoded by the browser but not when fetching it through the API.

Have you found a mitigation/solution?


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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

xiafu-msftcommented, Mar 10, 2021

Hi @zezha-msft Here’s the issue created by azure core after they support this we will enable user to disable auto gzip.

nitelycommented, Mar 10, 2021

We must change my all websites to AWS S3 which support gzip file with minimum transfer and high performance.

The file is decoded after it’s downloaded. Performance is not really affected here. Azure does support gzip, the issue is just the python API doing this auto decoding which is quite unexpected.

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