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Irrespective of an assigned role, a service principle has same privileges as an owner

See original GitHub issue

Which service(blob, file, queue) does this issue concern?

azure-storage-blob v1.2.0rc1

What problem was encountered?

I have a web server, which I want to give it read access to my Azure blob storage. Additionally, I want the web server to have independent permissions from mine (i.e., my user account). I think using the new features added to Azure (e.g., Added support for OAuth authentication for HTTPS requests) I can leverage OAuth2.0 access tokens and Azure AD roles for this purpose. Therefore, I followed this documentation, and created a service principal and assigned Azure Storage permission to it. Then in the Azure portal, under Storage -> Access Control (IAM), I defined Storage Blob Data Reader (Preview) role and assigned it to my service principal.

So, I implemented a logic similar to this to acquire access token, then I use the token to read the blob. However, I get an error saying that I am not allowed to access the blob. Then I assign myself the Storage Blob Data Reader (Preview) role, and then I’m able to read the blob. So, the service principal’s role is not effective, i.e., I cannot assign myself a Contributor (read/write) and give the service principal the Reader role.

Am I missing some important setting here?

Have you found a mitigation/solution?


Update 1:

Following is a summary of the different combinations I tried and their resulted outcome: Role Service Principal Role** Read/Write Result Expected Outcome
Contributor* Contributor* Successful (i.e., can read and write) Successful
Contributor* None Successful (i.e., can read and write) Fail
None Contributor* AuthorizationFailure This request is not authorized to perform this operation. RequestId:509428ef-901e-00f3-4b93-051b26000000 Successful

*Contributor = STORAGE BLOB DATA CONTRIBUTOR (PREVIEW) **Service Principal ID: 58ad99f1-19e9-4b08-8121-c372e1f14653

Update 2:

In the request for the an OIDC/OAuth2.0 access token, I set the client_id attribute is to the service principal ID.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

yaxiacommented, Jun 21, 2018

@VJalili I guess your service principal is created by a native application in the AAD and you are using this flow:flow

This means you are authenticated as the user you login (i.e.: So you might expect the result according to the user role assignment, which matches the outcome in the first post.

If you’d like to authenticate with the service principal, could you please try to create an application with type: Web App /API and create a secret for it. See steps here.

When this is setup, you might want to do the same role assignment to this service principal for the storage account.

Then you can require access token with the application’s Id and secret to get an access token for this application and read the blobs under the account.

VJalilicommented, Jun 22, 2018

@yaxia Thanks.

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