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ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '' not always reproducable

See original GitHub issue

Which service(blob, file, queue) does this issue concern?

queue (possibly others?)

What problem was encountered?

Installing azure-storage-queue (in a clean virtualenv) frequently (so not always) leads to a module installation which cannot be imported. The installation steps followed are the ones documented in

In a fresh Python-3.6.3 virtualenv

$ pip install azure-storage-queue
... installation happens successfully, no errors ...
$  python -c 'from import QueueService'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''

Sometimes the installation does result into a module which can be imported without errors but most often, … it does not.

Have you found a mitigation/solution?

A mitigation yes

$ pip install azure-storage-queue --upgrade --force-reinstall Fixes the problem. Keep in mind that the installation is done on a clean virtualenv.

I’d expect the import to succeed without any further ado after installing azure-storage-queue. If specific details are required, pls let me know.



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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tomwwagstaff-productcommented, Aug 28, 2018

Having exactly this problem after conda install azure.

CoenraadScommented, Aug 4, 2020

I am having the same issue.

Using a python 3.7 dev container, as clean as an environment I can get.

Python 3.7.8

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