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Values assigned to `exclude` and/or `include` parameters not being consumed by `download`, `synccopy`, or `upload` commands when using a YAML configuration file

See original GitHub issue

Problem Description

The exclude and include parameters for the download, synccopy, and upload commands do not work when using a YAML configuration file.

Azure blobxfer parameters output

         Azure blobxfer parameters
         blobxfer version: 1.9.4
                 platform: Linux-4.19.128-microsoft-standard-x86_64-with
               components: CPython=3.7.5-64bit azstor.blob=2.1.0 azstor.file=2.1.0 crypt=2.8 req=2.22.0
       transfer direction: Azure -> Azure
                  workers: disk=0 xfer=24 md5=0 crypto=0
                 log file: None
                  dry run: False
              resume file: None
                  timeout: connect=10 read=200 max_retries=1000
              source mode: StorageModes.Auto
                dest mode: StorageModes.Auto
         server side copy: True
                  skip on: fs_match=False lmt_ge=False md5=True
                   delete: extraneous=True only=False
                overwrite: True
                recursive: True
            rename single: False
         strip components: 0
              access tier: None

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create $PWD/config/config.yaml file

  2. Add the following configuration to $PWD/config/config.yaml:

    version: 1
      log_file: blobxfer.log
      progress_bar: true
      verbose: true
        devstoreaccount1: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
      - source:
          - devstoreaccount1: src
          - devstoreaccount1: dest
          - "*"
          - "*.csv"
          mode: auto
          dest_mode: auto
          access_tier: null
          delete_extraneous_destination: true
          delete_only: false
          overwrite: true
          recursive: true
          rename: false
          server_side_copy: true
            filesize_match: false
            lmt_ge: false
            md5_match: true
  3. Upload files matching both include and exclude file matching patterns to the source storage account(s) defined in $PWD/config/config.yaml config

  4. Run the following command:

    docker run -v $PWD/config:/config synccopy --config /config/config.yaml

Expected Results

Only files that match the include file matching pattern, and not those matching the exclude file matching pattern, be copied from devstoreaccount1: src container to the devstoreaccount1: dest container.

Actual Results

All files from the devstoreaccount1: src container, including those explicitly defined to be excluded via the exclude parameter, are copied to the devstoreaccount1: dest container

Additional Logs

INFO - blobxfer start time: 2021-02-04 00:28:08.993581+00:00
DEBUG - spawning 24 transfer threads
DEBUG - 5 remote files to sync, waiting for copy completion of approx. 0.0000 MiB
DEBUG - attempting to delete extraneous blobs/files from: devstoreaccount1;;publish
INFO - deleted 0 extraneous blobs/files
INFO - elapsed copy time and throughput of 0.0000 GiB: 0.862 sec, 0.0000 Mbps (0.000 MiB/sec)
INFO - blobxfer end time: 2021-02-04 00:28:10.566358+00:00 (elapsed: 1.573 sec)

Additional Comments

The issue appears to be a result of using type multiple for the _exclude_option and _include_option objects on, in conjunction with the condition in the _merge_setting function on For reference, When passing a default with multiple=True, the default value must be a list or tuple, otherwise it will be interpreted as a list of single characters.

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 3 years ago
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  • Comments:5 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

alfparkcommented, Apr 16, 2021

Thanks for submitting your PR and apologies for the delay. After doing more tests on your PR change, there is a regression on bool values. A fix will be made a top your PR to account for this.

SailingYYCcommented, Apr 20, 2021

Thank you @alfpark

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