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[Bug]: GraphQL mutation does not properly handle variables

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What happened?


I’ve been using the DataApiBuilder with a StaticWebApp in production, and I’ve encountered an issue where the GraphQL mutation does not correctly handle variables when sent in a request. Instead of using the provided variable values, the mutation uses the variable names themselves as the field values.

To reproduce the issue, I used the following GraphQL mutation as an example:

mutation CreateExample($id: ID!, $name: String!) {
    item: {
      id: $id,
      name: $name
  ) {

And the variables:

  "id": "1234",
  "name": "Test Example"

When I send this mutation using a JSON payload in a POST request to the DataApiBuilder, the server incorrectly stores the values as “id” and “name” instead of the provided values “1234” and “Test Example”.

I was able to reproduce this issue using Postman, and it seems to be a bug in the DataApiBuilder code. Could you please investigate this issue and provide guidance on how to resolve it?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up a StaticWebApp with DataApiBuilder as the backend.
  2. Define the schema for the GraphQL mutation as shown above.
  3. Send a POST request with the JSON payload containing the mutation and variables.
  4. Observe the incorrect handling of variables in the server response and stored data.

Expected behavior:

The GraphQL mutation should properly handle variables and store the provided values in the corresponding fields.

Actual behavior:

The GraphQL mutation uses the variable names as the field values, not the actual variable values provided.

Thank you for looking into this issue.



What database are you using?

CosmosDB NoSQL

What hosting model are you using?

Local (including CLI), Static Web Apps (SWA)

Which API approach are you accessing DAB through?


Relevant log output

No response

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ChrMaasscommented, May 17, 2023

Thanks @tarazou9, but everything fine. Hope you find the bug 😃

ChrMaasscommented, Jun 24, 2023

Anything new?

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