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CLI binary lacks execute permissions

See original GitHub issue

I’ve just downloaded the 0.5.0 release and the Microsoft.DataApiBuilder binary for the CLI does not have executable permissions, meaning that until you run chmod +x on it, you can’t run the CLI:

file system attributes

This problem is particularly noticeable with the SWA integration, which downloads DAB in the background and then tries to launch it, only to fail:

[swa] ✔ Downloading
[dataApi] /bin/sh: 1: /home/node/.swa/dab/0.5.0/Microsoft.DataApiBuilder: Permission denied
[dataApi] cd "/workspaces/dab-trivia-game/data" && "/home/node/.swa/dab/0.5.0/Microsoft.DataApiBuilder" start -c staticwebapp.database.config.json exited with code 126
--> Sending SIGTERM to other processes..
[run] cd "/workspaces/dab-trivia-game/app" && npm run dev exited with code SIGTERM
--> Sending SIGTERM to other processes..
[swa] node "/workspaces/dab-trivia-game/node_modules/@azure/static-web-apps-cli/dist/msha/server.js" exited with code SIGTERM
✖ SWA emulator stoped because SWA emulator exited with code SIGTERM.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

sgollapudi77commented, Feb 7, 2023

No, it runs fine on Windows. This issue is only for Linux and Mac. I have to manually add permissions in Linux to run dab-cli.

aaronpowellcommented, Feb 7, 2023

Yes, it exists with previous versions.

I’m not sure that fixing it with the SWA cli is the best solution, as the zip on GitHub releases also lacks execute permissions on the binary as well, so you’d still have the problem here.

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From: sgollapudi77 @.> Sent: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 4:49:00 PM To: Azure/data-api-builder @.> Cc: Aaron Powell @.>; Mention @.> Subject: Re: [Azure/data-api-builder] CLI binary lacks execute permissions (Issue #1197)

Hey @aaronpowell , @abhishekkumams this issue was in previous versions also, I’ll investigate this and try to fix this in the SWA_CLI.

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