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Mutations are not working with Apollo Client : passing variables

See original GitHub issue

I am using an Angular Client with angular-apollo and Mutations are throwing an error even though the variables are passed.

This is with Cosmos DB as storage.

Client Code :

const post_SaveHero = gql`
mutation ($id : String!, $publisher : String!, $superhero :String!, $characters:String!){
  addHero(id : $id , publisher : $publisher , superhero : $superhero , characters: $characters )

Invoking it as,

  updateHero(hero: Hero){
    console.log("$$$HERO OBJECT",JSON.stringify(hero));
    return this.apollo.mutate({
      mutation: post_SaveHero,
      variables: {
        id: hero.superhero,
        publisher: hero.publisher,
        superhero: hero.superhero,
        characters: hero.characters

and the error thrown as,

Screenshot at Mar 14 21-17-01

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:15 (15 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

aaronpowellcommented, Mar 17, 2022

@sajeetharan - did this work with #290 merged to main?

aaronpowellcommented, Aug 9, 2022

I’ve started digging down a rabbit hole of how we parse the variables and arguments in the runtime and what I’ve found is that we have several methods that do it and not all engines process them in the same way.

So, I went back to the HotChocolate source to see if we’d missed something in the parsing, since it has to handle variables itself, and found that they have a method that will get the arguments with variables -

I’m going to have a look at refactoring to use that method, which will mean that we can move away from IDictionary<string, object?> for the parameters in the execution engines and have something that is more strongly typed, and the runtime to do less manual processing of the args/variables/etc., instead, just walk the complete graph when it’s time to execute a request.

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