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Cannot get state for specific executionId

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Hello, reaching out for help

When trying to use the Task<OrchestrationState> GetOrchestrationStateAsync(string instanceId, string executionId) on an eternal orchestration, I do not receive the orchestrationstate with the correct executionId. It seems that what is returned is the latest execution for the orchestration and I would like to verify if this is unexpected behavior or not.

It would be great to understand if it is possible to query for a specific executionId of an orchestration or if that is not tracked.

In addition, I noticed that when trying to get the history for any executions besides the latests, the history would return to be empty. Is the history for previous executions saved?

Any help and advice is appreciated, Thanks!

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cgillumcommented, Feb 23, 2023

It’s not configurable. The only workaround I can suggest is to rely on logging.

cgillumcommented, Feb 23, 2023
  1. Whether you can do this depends on how the orchestration state is stored in the task hub, which is dependent on the implementation of IOrchestrationService. If that implementation stores each execution ID separately, then yes in theory you could write a IOrchestrationServiceClient that fetches orchestration state for specific execution IDs.

  2. I don’t understand the question - the implementation of IOrchestrationServiceClient is unrelated to how orchestration state is managed at runtime or how continue-as-new works.

Assuming that the IOrchestrationService implementation you’re relying on doesn’t keep a history of old execution IDs, you may need to rely on logging and tracing to debug issues for orchestrations that use continue-as-new.

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