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Linux Consumption Function app sync trigger fails with RBAC auth when WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE is already added with new URL

See original GitHub issue


When we try to deploy our node function we are getting following error:

Run Azure/functions-action@v1.4.6
Using RBAC for authentication, GitHub Action will perform resource validation.
Successfully acquired site configs from function app!
Detected function app sku: Consumption
Successfully acquired app settings from function app (RBAC)!
Detected function app language: Node
Will archive . into /home/runner/work/_temp/temp_web_package_***.zip as function app content
Will use WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE to deploy since RBAC is detected and your function app is on Linux Consumption.
Error: Execution Exception (state: PublishContent) (step: Invocation)
Error:   When request Azure resource at PublishContent, Sync Trigger Functionapp : Failed to perform sync trigger on function app. Function app may have malformed content. Please manually restart your function app and inspect the package from WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE.
Error: Deployment Failed!

When I check the WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE Parameter in Azure Portal, I see that the parameter is updated. Removing WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE from function and redeploying works.

Technical details:

  • node function
  • linux
  • RBAC Deployment
  • consumption plan

Any Idea, what could be wrong?


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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:13

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

patelchandnicommented, Sep 19, 2022

Go to azure portal and remove function app setting “WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE”. Once it is successful, then re-deploy using publish profile instead of RBAC like here:

WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE = 1 is not supported on Linux consumption because of which the other option is WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE = URL if the user wants to use a remote zip.

Using ZipDeploy path is the recommended path for Linux Consumption, and it doesn’t increase cold start.

Cuahchiccommented, Sep 13, 2022

Please try to deploy using publish profile instead of RBAC like here:

According to my previous attempts using publish profiles, they are not compatible with WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE values being set, and these are necessary for package deployments. They must be set to a URL for a Linux consumption plan project according to this documentation:

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