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Add support for TrafficSplit annotations

See original GitHub issue

When SMI traffic handling is selected, the TrafficSplit that gets generated (both for blue/green and canary is pretty hard-coded with only weights and service names.

At least with Istio, this will only work for services accessed from within the cluster. To get this working with ingress traffic, the Istio VirtualService needs to have a gateway attached.

The Istio SMI adapter has support for setting this through annotations but there’s no way to add annotations to the generated TrafficSplit.

It would be cool to be able to add annotations to the TrafficSplit to support cases like this. It could be a key/value list parameter to the task and just copied into the TrafficSplit when it’s generated. If none are present, you get the same thing you get now. (Admittedly, I’m kind of new to GitHub Actions and I’m unclear if it’d need to be a multiline string or if you can have object style parameters like Azure DevOps. Either way is fine.)

Corresponding issue filed for Azure DevOps KubernetesManifest task.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tilligcommented, Mar 9, 2022

Awesome. We’re still in the process of getting our GitHub Enterprise system underway. That’ll be my test bed for verifying my changes before submitting the PR since I don’t really have any other system with everything wired up. However, I do plan on getting a PR in here so I’ll keep this open while I work on it. Thanks!

OliverMKingcommented, Aug 17, 2022

This feature was added to the latest version 😃. You can use the traffic-split-annotations input. Thanks!

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