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imagePullSecret becomes the image

See original GitHub issue


I’m not sure, but I think commit 1cae8dfe8b6485cf29c5699565ba557165b600b0 broke some things on Azure/k8s-deploy@v1. Basically the generated Kubernetes manifest seem to have wrong imagePullSecret value. Instead of the image pull secret, it’s the image value.

This is what I see in the deployed manifest in Kubernetes (the actual deployed).

  - name: '<retracted>'

This is where I expect imagePullSecret to contain sydnod-ci-container-registry and not<retracted>.

Creation of registery secret

Run Azure/k8s-create-secret@v1
/usr/bin/kubectl create secret docker-registry sydnod-ci-container-registry --docker-username *** --docker-password *** --docker-server *** --docker-email   -n sydnod-ci
secret/sydnod-ci-container-registry created

Deployment to Kubernetes

Run Azure/k8s-deploy@v1
    namespace: sydnod-ci
    manifests: ./manifests.yaml
    images: ***/sydnod-ci:web-dev-20200305-<retracted>
    imagepullsecrets: sydnod-ci-container-registry
    strategy: none
    traffic-split-method: pod
    baseline-and-canary-replicas: 0
    percentage: 0
    action: deploy

Hope anyone can shred some light on this issue.


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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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jeliassoncommented, Mar 5, 2020

@jeliasson I’ve rolled out the fix for my previous bug. Could you validate if you’re not broken?

It seems to be working again. My latest build went thru. If it’s not too much trouble, please have a staging branch or similar for v1.

thesattirajucommented, Mar 5, 2020

Closing this issue. I’ll take up the reverted fix separately.

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