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Support different manifest delimiters

See original GitHub issue

I’m working in an environment where I went to set the manifests dynamically. Specifically I have an environment variable that contains the list of manifests, but passing this into the action does not work:

      - name: Set manifests
        run: |
          echo 'MANIFESTS<<EOF' >> $GITHUB_ENV
          find k8s/shared k8s/staging -type f >> $GITHUB_ENV
          echo 'EOF' >> $GITHUB_ENV
      - run: echo "$MANIFESTS"
      - name: Authenticate to kubernetes
        uses: azure/k8s-set-context@v1
          method: service-account
          k8s-url: ${{ secrets.KUBERNETES_URL }}
          k8s-secret: ${{ secrets.STAGING_K8S_SECRET }}
      - uses: Azure/k8s-deploy@v1.4
          namespace: 'staging'
          manifests: |
            ${{ env.MANIFESTS }}
          images: |
  ${{ github.sha }}
          kubectl-version: 'latest'      

There is no valid syntax that’ll work here (afaik) because Github Actions will not properly put in multiline values here. This could be easily solved if a different separator would be accepted.

Interestingly, current code splits by \n.

 let manifests = manifestsInput.split('\n');

A clean solution would be to make the separator configurable as an input in the action. I can make a PR.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tgdfool2commented, Apr 29, 2021

Thanks for the quick release @Ganeshrockz. Tested right now and it’s working like a charm!

Ganeshrockzcommented, Apr 14, 2021

I have raised a PR to support both commas and new line as delimiters. @SamMousa and @uzi0espil, I believe this should address your use case

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