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Azure Blob Queue Trigger not fired when debugging - invalid reference in connections.json

See original GitHub issue

I have messages in a Queue (in a Storage account in Australia East) and have configured my Stateful workflow’s Azure Storage Queue Connector (“When a specified number of messages are in a given queue”) for it (the Connector is pointed at the API in West US2). Even when the message threshold is met the trigger appears not to be fired (in fact is - see below).

Below is what is in the Terminal in VS Code.


Azure Functions Core Tools (2.7.2936 Commit hash: c00b06616a741dcdf70a3061fc415adde84010f8) Function Runtime Version: 2.0.14494.0 AZURE_FUNCTIONS_ENVIRONMENT: Development


WorkflowDispatcher: workflowRuntimeTrigger

For detailed output, run func with --verbose flag. Hosting environment: Development Content root path: C:\Work\ImageNoCodeAIProcessor\bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.2 Now listening on: Application started. Press Ctrl+C to shut down. [2020-10-19T04:00:31.437] Host lock lease acquired by instance ID ‘000000000000000000000000F76D9C0B’.


The Terminal just sits on the above and does not change no matter how many messages I add.


If I run the the Functions host from the Terminal and provide the --verbose flag I see additional debugging information as follows. I am unable to resolve this issue as the connections.json file is generated by the Logic Apps tooling.

[2020-10-19T04:09:55.378] Workflow trigger ends. flowName='ImageAIProcessor', triggerName='When_a_specified_number_of_messages_are_in_a_given_queue', flowId='029d97381c6343f2a93755782065eb6a', flowSequenceId='08585985270038687248', status='Failed', statusCode='BadRequest', error='{"code":"BadRequest","message":"The API connection reference 'azurequeues' is not referenced correctly. Make sure that all connections used in triggers of type 'ApiConnection' are declared under the 'managedApiConnections' in the connections.json."}', extensionVersion='', siteName='', slotName='', durationInMilliseconds='253', flowRunSequenceId='', inputsContentSize='129', outputsContentSize='-1', clientTrackingId='08585985262904219640287440771CU00', properties='{"$schema":"2016-06-01","startTime":"2020-10-19T04:09:55.0565651Z","endTime":"2020-10-19T04:09:55.3774055Z","status":"Failed","code":"BadRequest","resource":{"workflowId":"029d97381c6343f2a93755782065eb6a","workflowName":"ImageAIProcessor","runId":"08585985262904219640287440771CU00","triggerName":"When_a_specified_number_of_messages_are_in_a_given_queue"},"correlation":{"clientTrackingId":"08585985262904219640287440771CU00"},"error":{"code":"BadRequest","message":"The API connection reference 'azurequeues' is not referenced correctly. Make sure that all connections used in triggers of type 'ApiConnection' are declared under the 'managedApiConnections' in the connections.json."}}', triggerType='ApiConnection', flowScaleUnit='cu00', triggerKind='', sourceTriggerHistoryName='', failureCause='', activityId='230082c3-c400-42f9-9185-e03862997e55'.

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rarayuducommented, Oct 20, 2020

We found the issue, will prepare the fix and release it as part of our next release.

rarayuducommented, Oct 20, 2020

Sure, please share at “”

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