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VSCode extension cannot show overview since version 1.0.7

See original GitHub issue


We have a logic app that works perfectly well when deployed in Azure, but not in development with VSCode. (converted to dotnet style project with the plugin) Everything was working with version 1.0.6 but in 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 when I want to see the overview on any workflow in the logicapp I get a message similar to

Workflow run history could not be loaded. Error: ‘Could not establish connection to the host. Run your function project to view the run history. Failed to execute ‘fetch’ on ‘Window’: Failed to parse URL from http://localhost:undefined/runtime/webhooks/workflow/api/management/workflows/Stateful1/runs?api-version=2019-10-01-edge-preview’

I’ve justed tested and verified this after creating a new (nodejs) logicapp from the extension (v1.0.8) and I get the same result.

Can you look into this, since one of the selling points for my team was the local dev experience

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kennyMSFTcommented, Nov 11, 2021

Hello @kaylumah

That is great to hear. func host start still works.

But something I have noticed is I have to run the Logic App first by clicking Run -> Start Debugging/Run without Debugging. After that first run I am then able to use func host start to run the logic app and view the overview.

I am not sure why that behaviour and will let the team know.


github-actions[bot]commented, Oct 28, 2022

This issue was closed because it has been inactive for 7 days since being marked as stale.

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