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CLEAR example with WebApi and SPA Application (pure js)

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It’s possible to have a CLEAR example with

  • WebAPI with a controller protected [Authorize] by JwtBearerToken
  • SPA Application (pure js) requesting token and passing to WebAPI ?

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m4ss1m0gcommented, Jul 20, 2019

An example where the backend api validate the token. Now the first example on description use code not found on repository and also use an external library (made by Micosoft) without NuGet package.

For example on startup.cs code there are


While on README there are code about

.AddAzureAdBearer(options => Configuration.Bind("AzureAd", options));

That must be inserted after

services.Configure<JwtBearerOptions>(AzureADDefaults.JwtBearerAuthenticationScheme, options =>
    // This is an Azure AD v2.0 Web API
    options.Authority += "/v2.0";

    // The valid audiences are both the Client ID (options.Audience) and api://{ClientID}
    options.TokenValidationParameters.ValidAudiences = new string[] { options.Audience, $"api://{options.Audience}" };

    // Instead of using the default validation (validating against a single tenant, as we do in line of business apps),
    // we inject our own multitenant validation logic (which even accepts both V1 and V2 tokens)
    options.TokenValidationParameters.IssuerValidator = AadIssuerValidator.ValidateAadIssuer;

No clues about AddAzureAdBearer, no clues about AddProtectWebApiWithMicrosoftIdentityPlatformV2

It wold be nice to have an example about:

  1. Configuring Azure App, for authentication only
  2. Simple javascript client aquiring token with MSAL.js calling ASP.NET Core API (Implicit Flow)
  3. Simple ASP.NET Core API protected by Azure AD ONLY validating token so I can call Controller protected by [Authorize] attribute
  4. Exaplain difference between the use of Token and IdToken and and explain the use of one or the other.
devna13commented, Oct 15, 2019

ok I’ll try the sample, Thanks @TiagoBrenck

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