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Clear browser cookies after logout

See original GitHub issue

Logout() removes all authenticated account from active directory , but the account is still signed in in the browser
` IEnumerable<IAccount> accounts = await App.PCA.GetAccountsAsync();

while (accounts.Any()) { await App.PCA.RemoveAsync(accounts.FirstOrDefault()); accounts = await App.PCA.GetAccountsAsync(); } ` image

so I need to logout the user from the browser too

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  • Created 4 years ago
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jmprieurcommented, Nov 29, 2019

@KyrillosS25 @DiegoFaFe @sagarmp02 @rodrigordi

@TiagoBrenck is right that your app should not impose sign-out on other apps without the user realizing. There is an experience with Azure Active directory where the user can click on the … on the right of the tile showing the identity of the user and selection forget. That’s the recommended way.

Now we also agree that there are other important scenarios, such as the case where several users share the same device and have to sign-in for a shift at work, and have to sign-out at the end of the shift. Are you in such scenarios? Could you please tell us more about what you are trying to achieve and how the lack of full sign-out is blocking your scenarios?

BTW we have an ongoing effort to spec sign-out for mobile applications. cc: @brandwe

cc: @TiagoBrenck @jennyf19

TiagoBrenckcommented, Nov 29, 2019

I think this subject is a little bit polemic. IMHO, this is not a MSAL bug and the library shouldn’t disconnect you from you authprovider, but from the app only. If you want your app to drop your session from the authprovider, then this must be done in a custom code.

Lets have this example, where I have a MSAL mobile app that uses gmail account o sign in. Then I sign out, and MSAL drops all my gmail sessions. I then notice that I have stopped receiving emails, all my other apps stopped pushing me notifications, and when I try to open one of them, I figure out that I needed to login with gmail again. And then I would think: “how dare you MSAL to disconnect me from all these other apps?”

I found an interesting answer on StackOverflow about this topic. What do you think @jennyf19 @jmprieur ?

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