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How can I get the confidence score from the speech result?

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during this Speech SDK porting, I couldn’t find any confidence score which I would be able to utilize the value to retry the ASR. on the result class, I’ve only found ; ErrorDetails, Properties, Reason, ResultId, Text.

Is there any way to get its confidence score, or get the result as NBest list? (I used to have confidence score former bing asr api.)

Please let me know if you have answers or plans. Thank you in advance, Good day! 😉

Thanks! We’ll be in touch soon.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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amitkumarshuklacommented, Feb 14, 2020

Please follow this

You need to use the following property in your speech config set_service_property(name: str, value: str, channel: azure.cognitiveservices.speech.ServicePropertyChannel)

Like this import azure.cognitiveservices.speech as msspeech

config.set_service_property(name=‘wordLevelConfidence’, value=‘true’, channel=msspeech.ServicePropertyChannel.UriQueryParameter) config.set_service_property(name=‘format’, value=‘detailed’, channel=msspeech.ServicePropertyChannel.UriQueryParameter)

That will help you get the detailed result in the final json output like this {“Id”:“12345767e9984244b4386631bd8a3b3d”,“RecognitionStatus”:“Success”,“Offset”:500000,“Duration”:13200000,“DisplayText”:“What’s the weather like?”,“NBest”:[{“Confidence”:0.97701865,“Lexical”:“what’s the weather like”,“ITN”:“what’s the weather like”,“MaskedITN”:“what’s the weather like”,“Display”:“What’s the weather like?”,“Words”:[{“Word”:“what’s”,“Confidence”:0.9752328},{“Word”:“the”,“Confidence”:0.9912971},{“Word”:“weather”,“Confidence”:0.9947196},{“Word”:“like”,“Confidence”:0.9936005}]},{“Confidence”:0.92623466,“Lexical”:“what is the weather like”,“ITN”:“what is the weather like”,“MaskedITN”:“what is the weather like”,“Display”:“What is the weather like?”,“Words”:[{“Word”:“what”,“Confidence”:0.44181886},{“Word”:“is”,“Confidence”:0.020716537},{“Word”:“the”,“Confidence”:0.77797073},{“Word”:“weather”,“Confidence”:0.8319083},{“Word”:“like”,“Confidence”:0.8447693}]}]}

Do let us know if you need anything else.

soumyadipchatterjeecommented, Aug 30, 2019

Sorry, my mistake. I have to use speechConfig.outputFormat = 1 not speechConfig.OutputFormat = 1;. Now I can get the detailed output. Anyway thank you 😃

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