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Swa deploy fails with an unknown exception has occurred

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug When running swa deploy to deploy a frontend app without an API, it fails with the error “An unknown exception has occurred”

To Reproduce

  1. Configure the following environment variables;
  1. Type in command ‘swa deploy’

Expected behaviour The app is deployed to the configured location.

Verbose Log

Welcome to Azure Static Web Apps CLI (1.0.2)

Getting config file options from swa-cli.config.json...
Config file does not exist at C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist\swa-cli.config.json
Deploying front-end files from folder:

Deployment token found in Environment Variables:

Deploying to environment: preview

Trying to read workflow config with values:
 - appLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
 - outputLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
 - apiLocation: <undefined>
No workflow config folder found at C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist\.github\workflows
Validating user workflow config (BEFORE):
 - appLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
 - outputLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
 - apiLocation: <undefined>
Validating user workflow config (AFTER):
 - appLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
 - apiLocation: <undefined>
 - outputLocation: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
Loading staticwebapp.config.json schema...
Schema loaded successfully from
Compiling schema...
Reading content from staticwebapp.config.json...
Parsing staticwebapp.config.json...
Validating staticwebapp.config.json...
File validated successfully. Continuing with configuration!
Content parsed successfully

Found configuration file:

Deploying project to Azure Static Web Apps...
Fetching release metadata for version: stable. Please wait...
 - version: stable
 - buildId: 1.0.019361
 - publishDate: 2022-04-20T15:35:50.4947355Z
- files:
 - linux-x64:
   - url:
   - sha: 24baa1cedd45b7b029f3ee502265de940383fab940e0bed75842cbf7f9030080
 - win-x64:
   - url:
   - sha: 66c529754df158761523aeffcc5f278d14205f6b51afec913ba113edc3caa681
 - osx-x64:
   - url:
   - sha: ec26ca4e7a12f46cee93b5d0b2128f79f18a3ff9875d7276a837ca94c16be854
Local client binary is up to date. Skipping download.
Deploying using C:\Users\Joe\.swa\deploy\1.0.019361\StaticSitesClient.exe@1.0.019361
Deploying using the following options:
- env:
  - SWA_CLI_DEBUG: silly
  - SWA_RUNTIME_CONFIG_LOCATION: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
  - SWA_RUNTIME_CONFIG: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist\staticwebapp.config.json
  - SWA_CLI_VERSION: 1.0.2
  - SWA_CLI_DEPLOY_BINARY: C:\Users\Joe\.swa\deploy\1.0.019361\StaticSitesClient.exe@1.0.019361
  - DEPLOYMENT_PROVIDER: swa-cli-1.0.2
  - REPOSITORY_BASE: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
  - SKIP_APP_BUILD: true
  - SKIP_API_BUILD: true
  - DEPLOYMENT_TOKEN: <hidden>
  - APP_LOCATION: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
  - API_LOCATION: <undefined>
  - CONFIG_FILE_LOCATION: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
  - VERBOSE: true
ℹ DeploymentId: da6fb4cc-1baf-4ba2-b72c-698a2a43d1b3
ℹ Verbose logging enabled
ℹ Build timeout not specified, defaulting to 15 minutes
ℹ App Directory Location: 'C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist' was found.
ℹ No Api directory specified. Azure Functions will not be created.
ℹ config_file_location: config file 'C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist\staticwebapp.config.json' was found.
ℹ Looking for event info
ℹ Event info parsed from action options.
ℹ Could not get repository branch. Proceeding
ℹ Could not get repository url. Proceeding
ℹ Skipping step to build C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist with Oryx
ℹ Didn't find Oryx manifest file under location: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist\ss-oryx\app-manifest\oryx-manifest.toml
ℹ Determined default file to be: index.html
ℹ Using 'staticwebapp.config.json' file for configuration information, 'routes.json' will be ignored.
ℹ Either no Api directory was specified, or the specified directory was not found. Azure Functions will not be created.
ℹ Zipping App Artifacts
ℹ App Zip will be created from directory: C:\Users\Joe\Development\external\dist
✖ An unknown exception has occurred
ℹ For further information, please visit the Azure Static Web Apps documentation at
ℹ If you believe this behavior is unexpected, please raise a GitHub issue at

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows
  • Version 11

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Reshmi-Sriramcommented, Jul 1, 2022

Got it! Thanks for clarifying, we will investigate this further! Meanwhile could you please confirm if swa deploy ./dist (Option 2 in the doc) does not work either??

Also, much appreciated if you could share your project (without sensitive content) so that we could try reproducing it on our ends. Sorry for the experience!

Reshmi-Sriramcommented, Jul 5, 2022

Thanks for the confirmation! Looks like there is a bug, related to #514 Closing this issue and continuing the bug fix in the other issue. Thanks!

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