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[Feature Request] MSAL support for other IdP's such as Okta

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Hi, is MSAL only compatible with MS Authorization servers or we could use it with other authorization server as well? I’m trying to use it with Okta and the first error I’m getting is about the ClientID which should be a Guid, because of this code:

//Adfs does not require client id to be in the form of a Guid
if (Config.AuthorityInfo?.AuthorityType != AuthorityType.Adfs && !Guid.TryParse(Config.ClientId, out _))
    throw new MsalClientException(MsalError.ClientIdMustBeAGuid, MsalErrorMessage.ClientIdMustBeAGuid);

OAuth / OpenId does not seem to have any particular restriction on ClientID to be a GUID.

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chrisbeckecommented, Jan 19, 2022

Oh crikey.

MSAL seems to be the one dotnet library that manages token refreshing, and is properly integrated with AspNetCore.

But, applications frequently need to integrate with other applications. Its the reason we use open standards like OpenID and OAuth.

I need to deal with federated auth that only includes AzureAD as part of the stack. Finding out I can’t use Microsoft.Identity.* to get and refresh my Keycloak and Okta tokens just wastes the time I’ve spend on the AzureAD part of the integration because now there is no general solution that covers all my target IdPs.

I guess I’m back to trying to do everything the hard way with IdentityModel

g7ed6ecommented, Jan 23, 2023

Would a PR be accepted to bring support of OAuth2 authorization server metadata and/or OpenIdConnect discovery endpoint to configure MSAL.NET in non AzureAD context ?

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