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[Feature Request] WebView2 embedded browser

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On the desktop, an embedded browser only exists on .net45 and it is using an old version of Internet Explorer.

We need an embedded browser that:

  • also work on .Net Core on Windows
  • uses Edge as the actual engine (Edge is needed to satisfy the Fido scenario)

This browser is WebView2.

Stream of work:

  • Refactor current WebBrowser implementation to extract out marshalling to UI thread and maybe hosting in a panel

  • Add a WebView2 implementation of embedded browser on .NET Fx and .NET 5 Currently thinking it should go in the box with .NET Fx.

  • Change the WebUiFactory to prefer WebView2 if it is installed

  • Docs and log messages to tell ppl how to install WebView2

  • (Stretch goal) Add an WithEmbeddedWebViewOptions to MSAL that exposes an enum stating “PreferredBrowser” with values - Auto (default) - which means automatic fallback to WebBrowser, WebView2, LegacyWebBrowser.

  • (Stretch goal) Change MSAL.Desktop to add support for WebView2 on .net core 3.1. We should have 1 method that pull in all the MSAL.Desktop functionality, smth like .WithDesktopFeatures()

  • Goal for MSAL 5 - review the default browser selection. For example for B2C we should no longer allow LegacyWebBrowser as it is unusable.

@henrik-me @jmprieur to review the stretch goals.

Technical aspects:

You can use GetAvailableCoreWebView2BrowserVersionString/CoreWebView2Environment.GetAvailableBrowserVersionString to detect if a compatible version of the browser or runtime is installed.] How can we disable: o The context menu CoreWebView2Settings.AreDefaultContextMenusEnabled] o The developer tools (F12) CoreWebView2Settings.AreDevToolsEnabled] o The go back / go forward keys I don’t think we have a way to do this one.]

Is there an equivalent to WebBrowser.DocumentTitleChanged and WebBrowser.Title ? [davris: Yes DocumentTitle and DocumentTitleChanged]

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bgavrilMScommented, Nov 23, 2020

WebView2 has GA-ed. Let’s try to use it in 4.24

bgavrilMScommented, Apr 9, 2020

Deliverable 1: Edge on Windows (by copying the .net classic implementation into the extension library) Deliverable 2: (needs a spike) Edge Chromium on Windows via webview2 Deliverable 3: (needs a spike) Support for Mac and Linux via (thanks @mjcheetham )

I think this work item covers deliverable 1. Personally I would spike deliverable 3 directly before 2.

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