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0.5.0-preview possibly released with mismatching source code/documentation?

See original GitHub issue

Just noticed this while testing out the new Microsoft Identity Platform 2.0 functionality, the currently released version (0.5.0-preview) does not match the sources and documentation released alongside with it.

To be specific, the issue I noticed is that the class is present in the JAR and the source released alongside makes reference to ConfidentialClientApplication#acquireToken(AuthorizationCodeParameters) method which however does not actually exist, the only available overloads are for ClientCredentialParameters and OnBehalfOfParameters. When viewed through IntelliJ IDEA, when opening the class it even puts a red alert box on top with the text “Library source does not match the bytecode for class ClientApplicationBase”.

To add to the confusion, this mismatch is also present in the example application at Azure-Samples/ms-identity-java-webapp

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  • Created 4 years ago
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sangonzalcommented, Oct 10, 2019

@esuomi @thobbs #103 should fix this. We’ll release 0.6.0-preview with this change and should be able to get it from Maven central either today or tomorrow to test out.

toburgercommented, Feb 27, 2021

I’m running into the same issues @thobbs mentioned when trying to call AbstractClientApplicationBase$Builder methods in Clojure. Seems related to Cannot resolve public generic method from package-private base class.

Example, where I want to set the authority:

(def app
  (.. (ConfidentialClientApplication/builder client-id credential)
      (authority authority)


Reflection warning, hello.clj:35:3 - call to method authority on$Builder can't be resolved (argument types: unknown).
Reflection warning, hello.clj:35:3 - call to method build can't be resolved (target class is unknown).
Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at' (exec.clj:31).
No matching method authority found taking 1 args for class$Builder
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