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How to update the binary handler content?

See original GitHub issue


I’m creating a simple emulator for LowUIR and during my test I need to modify the content of the Binary Handler (as in a self modifying program).

As far as I understood the only way in doing this is by using the BinHandler.UpdateCode function, that return a new handler. The function accepts an array of bytes that represent the full content of the new handler. This is a bit annoying if I have to modify just a couple of bytes (but I understand that you want to maintain BinHandler immutable).

My current strategy is:

  • Convert the VA with a raw offset inside the buffer
  • Read the handler buffer and modify the given bytes at the calculated offset
  • create an handler with the update buffer

Is there any other easier way of doing this or what I described is the proper way?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

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sangkilccommented, Apr 22, 2019

Please checkout: 40e7be659ede4305cc36630e38fbc462525f2943

You should now be able to modify the buffer by:

// hdl = BinHandler
hdl.FileInfo.BinReader.Bytes.[idx] <- byteValue

Or even by:

hdl.FileInfo.BinReader.Bytes <- newArray
sangkilccommented, Apr 18, 2019

I am reopening the issue so that we don’t forget.

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