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backburner >=2.2.0 (ember >=3.2.0) breaks tests which are using fake timers of sinon/lolex

See original GitHub issue

This bug was introduced by the following commit and is included in all backburner releases since 2.2.0: backburnerjs/backburner.js@27690deba7a9122e036088a603f4f0374c3ba2af

I wasn’t sure whether this issue should have been opened on the ember issue tracker or here, but since the bug is included in this repo, I thought this was the right place.

I’ve created a simple Ember app repo to demonstrate this issue. This demonstration-app is basically just a simple component with a debounce call and Sinon’s useFakeTimers method for testing the debounce behavior on a simple class name binding. bastimeyer/backburner-settimeout-bug@3739940aeb7768aa47e66a18ab4359c12275a8fb bastimeyer/backburner-settimeout-bug@08cb10e02d3c391b83dc3c3ee1e7d10760f7bb73

Upgrading ember-source to >=3.2.0 which includes backburner >=2.2.0 breaks this test by throwing a TypeError: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

The issue is caused by a static reference of setTimeout in some backburner methods which can’t be replaced on the global/window context by sinon or lolex after the useFakeTimers method has been called:

If you replace the SET_TIMEOUT reference with simple setTimeout calls in the built ember-source/dist/... file and re-run the test, everything is working just fine.

I’m not sure why this SET_TIMEOUT constant was added, but since I don’t know anything about the internals of this project either, I didn’t want to submit a PR. This looks like a simple mistake, though, because there’s an unused SET_TIMEOUT constant in the main backburner module here which lead to this bug:

Backburner >=2.2.0 is now being used in all Ember releases since 3.2.0, which makes me unable to upgrade my applications from ember 3.1.4 to a newer release. I’d appreciate if older versions could get a patch release, too, after this gets fixed.


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rwjbluecommented, Sep 27, 2018

#352 should address

rwjbluecommented, Nov 21, 2018

@BillyRayPreachersSon you shouldn’t need an ember-cli version bump to be able to get ember-source@3.4.x, you can bump your apps own dependency on ember-source as needed.

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