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Does not work in Electron on Windows

See original GitHub issue

Despite my best efforts, I cannot get this to work in Electron. The program always fails and shows an error window indicating a C/C++ error, not even a JS error:


My steps:

  1. Create an empty Node.js project.
  2. Install electron, tdl, and electron-rebuild.
  3. Run npx electron-rebuild to retarget the native bindings to Electron.
  4. Download the precompiled Telegram binaries and put them in a lib folder.
  5. Create index.js with the following code:
const { Client: TGClient } = require("tdl");

(async () => {
    console.log("initialising tg client");

    try {
        const tgClient = new TGClient({
            apiId: 000000,
            apiHash: "oops",
            binaryPath: "lib/tdjson",
            useTestDc: true,
            useMutableRename: true,
            verbosityLevel: 10

        console.log("initialised tg client");

        await tgClient.connect();

        console.log("connected tg client");

        tgClient.on("update", (...args) => console.log("tg client: ", ...args));
        tgClient.on("error", (...args) => console.error("tg client: ", ...args));

    } catch (e) {
  1. Run npx electron . to launch the program.
  2. Program prints “initialised tg client”, indicating that tdl successfully loads, but then crashes as soon as I call connect().
  3. Get confronted with this inscrutable error window.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Banneretscommented, Oct 27, 2018

Confirm that it fails on Windows.

It seems that it works with ffi instead of ffi-napi. Try this:

npm i
npm i ref
npx electron-rebuild

then replace require('ffi-napi') with require('ffi') and require('ref-napi') with require('ref') in node_modules/tdl/dist/tdlib-ffi.js file.

After some debugging I found that it crashes due to async ffi calls. Minimal reproducible example:

const ffi = require('ffi-napi')
//const ref = require('ref-napi')
const kernel32 = ffi.Library('kernel32', {
  Sleep: ['void', ['int32']]
kernel32.Sleep.async(1000, err => console.log('err', err))

( kernel32 here is just for example, you can use any function. Example from tdl: )

const ffi = require('ffi-napi')
const tdjson = ffi.Library('tdjson', {
  'td_json_client_create': ['pointer', []]
tdjson.td_json_client_create.async((err, cl) => {
  if (err) console.log('Error', err)
  else console.log('Client created', cl)

I think we should open an issue somewhere in nodejs / electron / node-ffi-napi repo.


  • Windows 10
  • electron: v3.0.6 (uses node v10.2.0)
  • electron-rebuild: v1.8.2
  • ffi-napi: v2.4.3
  • ref-napi: v1.4.0
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