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How to manage errors related to the URL or to connectivity?

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I use the XamarinMediaManager in a Xamarin.Forms project, to play audio from a web radio.

But I would like to manage error cases, like when the URL is no longer available, or if there is not internet access for example.

I launch the audio stream like this: var mediaItem = await CrossMediaManager.Current.Play(audioUrl);

If I use a “wrong” URL, nothing happens, but I didn’t found how to “identify” this case. It’s the same thing if I activate the airplane mode.

I would like to display an error message to the user in both cases, so he could understand why the audio doesn’t launch.

Is there a way to manage this?

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RichardSV15commented, Feb 9, 2021

From the top of my head: there’s a OnMetadataUpdated that you can subscribe to for updates. mediaItem.MetadataUpdated += (sender, args) => { var title = args.MediaItem.Title; // Perhands check for null values and act accordingly. };

pcduscommented, Feb 19, 2021

I’ve did some investigations, and it seems that the behaviour is not the same on iOS and Android.

As a reminder, I would like to manage errors that can occur when the user try to play a webradio stream.

On Android, I use the MediaItemFailed event, that is raised after 1 minute: CrossMediaManager.Current.MediaItemFailed += OnCurrentMediaItemFailed;

On iOS the event is not raised, so I check the MediaItem.Title like this:

var mediaItem = await CrossMediaManager.Current.Play(radioUrl);
var currentTitle = mediaItem.Title;

But in both cases, I would to display an error message to the user, and to reset CrossMediaManager.Current.State to Stopped.

For this, I call the Stop() method when an issue is detected: await CrossMediaManager.Current.Stop();

But this seems only working on Android. On iOS, the State is still Pause or Buffering after this…

Is there any explanation?

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