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iOS 13+ fullscreen (using ShowControls)

See original GitHub issue

🔙 Regression

The iOS VideoView no longer displays the video full screen when the fullscreen button is pressed.

Old (and correct) behavior

The video opened in fullscreen and played without any issues (I’ve just tested this on iOS 12 and it still works).

Current behavior

The video continues to play; however not in fullscreen. It’s just an empty fullscreen view.

In the logging we find the following message:

*** Warning: <MediaManager_Platforms_Ios_Video_PlayerViewController: 0x7f930c93de00> is trying to enter full screen, but is not in its view's window's view controller hierarchy. This results in undefined behavior..

Reproduction steps

Sample repo can be found here: (please do set ShowControls to true in the NativeVideoPlayerPage.cs file) After clicking on the fullscreen button; you will see the following screen:

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 - 2019-10-12 at 15 20 53


Version: 0.8.12


  • 📱 iOS 13
  • 🤖 Android
  • 🏁 WPF
  • 🌎 UWP
  • 🍎 MacOS
  • 📺 tvOS
  • 🐒 Xamarin.Forms

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:9
  • Comments:41 (17 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

SatyaRamprasadcommented, Mar 2, 2020

@OdetteP @martijn00 Any update on this issue?

Jearomcommented, Jun 8, 2021

Hmm, the code you’ve submitted isn’t the same as the code detailed above.

Yes, as i said i change my observer to “contentOverlayView” so i could check parent view of the player is state of full screen or not. also i was checking the “Y” position of the player when portrait but now height property better control for it.

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